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Incoming updates.

Greeting Citizens of Dalaran, Between Raid tier releases, we generally work on server improvements and bug fixes and we would like to inform you about the contents of the next large server update that we've been working on for the past few months. As promised, we aim for content perfection, polishing up th...


Near future plans.

Hello there Citizens of Dalaran, We would like to let our community know about the next steps we will perform during the next months. I would also like to communicate that Trial of the Crusader's release shall be delayed a little bit (originally it was planned to be launched during late march) because we wa...


Algalon's anniversary.

Happy Aniversary Algalon Citizens! We are excited and truly happy to announce our first anniversary of the Algalon realm. It was a year ago when our Blue Knight arose with the dream to deliver the best WotLK experience possible. We have been blessed with a great community, crowded and dedicated from the...


Recruit a friend and receive x3 experience.

Blizzard introduced an awesome feature to spread the word and speed up the leveling process should you bring a friend to the game. We have enabled this feature for our players, while maintaining the requeriments established for the WotLK expansion. Take a look to this guide to see how it all works: http...


Happy Holidays!

In behalf of the team of Dalaran-WoW, have a peaceful and happy holidays! May you have the best of Christmas this year and all your dreams come true.If you have given cookies and milk to Greatfather Winter, you can enjoy the gifts under the tree, but do not forget to throw snowballs to each other during these...