Pros & Cons of each class?

Relaxnshadow @ Kirin Tor
11 Night Elf Hunter
i want to know the pros and cons of each class so i can finally pick a class and stick with it. its so hard choseing just one class... anyway pros and cons?

Highness @ Kirin Tor
55 Human Paladin
Edited by Highness on 2014-02-13 14:14:15

- versatile, can do almost anything and has no hard counters in pvp save for dks (which you actually just need to learn how to kill);
- very good in team with holy paladins;
- 2 viable pvp specs (fury pvp in wotlk is so-so).
- you actually can solo vanilla dungeons in prot, if you have enough food and patience;
- good in killing healers and dodgy classes.

- everyone who's not a paladin plays them;
- pretty much a single playstyle and build for each spec, might get boring;
- very gear-dependant;
- can be annoying to level.


- ultimate pvp class which can kill everyone with Gouge abuse and can turn a tide of any bg by capping the right stuff in right time;
- endless possibilities in spec tweaking and in duels;
- very good in team with smart priests or mages;
- 2-button muti pve spec which yields 15k dps while you're afk drinking coffee somewhere.

- complex-to-learn pvp part;
- hard leveling;
- you need patience in all the things you do and you must get used to 50% stealthed movement speed.


- versatile, can both heal, damage and tank. Has 2 (shush, shockadins) damaging pvp specs;
- very hard to kill if geared;
- highest dps in ICC;
- can become unhittable tank;
- strongest single-target healer;
- you can solo at least vanilla dungeons all the way in any spec, holy and prot being easier.
- bubblez;
- probably highest melee crits in game if geared.

- specs are trickier than they look;
- everybody who's not a warrior is a paladin;
- weak aoe healing;
- you'll run oom frequently while leveling;
- gear-dependant, especially on trinkets.
- you'll have to hoard multiple gear sets for all the specs you'd have.
- you don't get to use much of the critical paladin abilities 'till high levels (or even 'till 80), so every time you learn something, you either forget about that ability and suffer, or need to learn it like you're playing character anew.


- versatile, 3 different specs actually feel like 3 different classes. Can both damage and tank, both dual-wielding or with 2H.
- some specs are very high on self-healing, to the point they don't even need a healer in arena.
- good in killing clothies and plate users;
- swag;
- many abilities which allow you to be a tactical "tank" on a battleground, absorbing precious enemy abilities with no effect on you or freezing enemies solid for half an hour;
- you get a nice set of blues on rolling one which makes leveling easy.

- if you start learning one spec, you'd probably stick to it to the end of the days, since they're oh-so-different and some actually demand different weapons to use;
- you'll be very glyph-dependant, some glyphs are a must in pvp and some are must in pve even within one spec, and the total number is higher than 3;
- everyone who's not a warrior or a paladin is a DK;
- people will hate you;
- you need level 55 to roll one, DK starts without professions (save for First Aid, dem DK scrubs);
- weak against dodgy classes, especially druids;
- mildly gear-dependant;
- you can't runeforge (special DK-only enchants) heirloom weapons.


- versatile, but, as same as with DK, specs and playstyles are VERY different;
- arguably the best aoe healer in the game;
- if geared, very hard to kill in pvp, especially by classes which have no healing reduction;
- fattest tank in the game;
- boomkins are cute;
- fastest flag carrier;
- can do roughly the same things the rogue does in bgs + heals. Boomkins also can throw people off the cliffs;
- most awesome of them all.

- you need to master shapeshifting;
- gear can be hard to come by, and you'll be fighting for every piece with rogues and other druids;
- same as with dk, you'll have to either master one spec, or be mediocre in two. Or, which is most likely, you'll just spec into anything you have a gear for at first;
- dodge-based tanking with no block or parry, can be awkward if you're used to play plate.


- heals, you'll be overflowing with them in any spec;
- shadow priest can kill anything and anyone, if skilled enough;
- disc priest is op in wotlk pvp;
- you'll get to dispel stuff and drain mana.

- VERY hard to level, 'till you get the shadowform (mild 40-s or 50-s). I dare you to level in any other spec;
- easy to lose your head with all that power and go oom in seconds;
- holy spec is very squishy.


- highest "fair" spell crits in game in destro spec;
- troll affliction spec;
- kinky demo spec;
- easy leveling, can solo vanilla dungeons.

- very high level of gear competition (you get to compete with priests, mages, other warlocks and boomies);
- warriors will bladestorm all good thoughts outta you;
- people will treat you like a portable summoning stone and nobody ever will thank you for that.


- versatile pvp styles, easy pve rotations.
- frost mage is the same for ranged classes as rogue for melee;
- can teleport around and conjure it's own food, so leveling and travel times are dramatically reduced;
- magic is cool.

- hard to master.


- easy leveling, can solo vanilla dungeons with the right pet;
- taming rare stuff can be fun if you are into it;
- has a very good potential in pvp;
- nobody will take your epic bows and guns from you if you really need them.

- micromanagement, a lot of it. You'll be constantly moving and tossing your pet around if you want to survive;
- stat sticks (main/off hand) can be hard to come by;
- you'll constantly spend money on arrows, bullets and food for your pet. Pretty much forces Engineering profession on hunter.


- nobody ever knows how do the hell they work, so you'll be one of the chosen;
- good aoe healer;
- you can reincarnate if you're lazy to do a corpserun.
- you can throw people off the mill in AB.

- tedious totem management, and you'll need to learn which does what and when to use which;
- lack of defensive cooldowns;
- gearing is VERY hard (no competition, but no drops either).

Highness @ Kirin Tor
55 Human Paladin
Well. This mission just got a lot more complicated.

Esunna @ Kirin Tor
10 Night Elf Druid
Warrior - everyone who's not a paladin plays them;rnPaladin - everybody who's not a warrior is a paladin;rnDK - everyone who's not a warrior or a paladin is a DK; people will hate you;
rnSo true i laughed :DrnrnGreat post Highness, im just going to add that a mage can be very strong in pvp vs warriors, and while rogues are hard to level, they are one of the most fun classes to level. Stealthing around and cautiously planning your sap and blind. Also gouge and kick make you very strong vs caster npc's.

Chereyos @ Kirin Tor

80 Night Elf Priest
I appreciate when someone puts time into stuff like this, Highness. 7.5/10

Conflux @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Warrior
" arguably the best aoe healer in the game ", really? since when.

Manoroth @ Kirin Tor
80 Orc Death Knight
How is shaman gearing hard, i have leveled and geared a total of 3 shamans in wotlk, 1 was on progressive server like future algalon and i was gearing faster than anyone, especially platers ( dk/warr/paladin dps). Otherwise accurate overall.

Malamo @ Kirin Tor
80 Orc Shaman
Edited by Malamo on 2014-02-13 15:25:58
"tedious totem management"

this is a joke right?

Chereyos @ Kirin Tor

80 Night Elf Priest
this is a joke right?
rnYes, I think he makes that pretty obvious several times :)

Butters @ Kirin Tor

80 Human Warlock
Edited by Butters on 2014-02-13 17:14:43
Awesome post Highness, even though it was a huge wall of text I couldn't resist reading through it all ;)

Pretty accurate too.

Joana @ Kirin Tor

80 Night Elf Hunter
Sure beats my list :D

Zerk @ Kirin Tor
1 Orc Warrior
Bump. I miss you Highness.

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