Kirin tor, main pve

Intrinsic @ Kirin Tor
80 Blood Elf Paladin
there is a growing number on the kirin tor realm looking to do raid content. dont let the hype fool ya, alagon isn't the only game in town

Naagloshii @ Kirin Tor

1 Tauren Druid
Uh... no offense or whatever, but CAN you even pve on Kirin Tor? With so much not being maintained/fixed, I always assumed the raids were completely broken or whatever. Are all the encounters scripted?

Can't say I really understand wanting to play there, but whatever floats your boat I guess?

Laurence @ Kirin Tor

29 Dwarf Rogue
That is a fair question, Naagloshii. Yes, you can indeed PVE on Kirin Tor.

Some of the raids/heroics are buggy, but, with one exception (UP), they are not insurmountable. Add into the mix some pretty solid guilds (Stonetotem, Trash Mobs, etc.) and raiding is certainly feasible.

Karkazz @ Kirin Tor
80 Draenei Hunter
I've done ICC 11/12 (gunship not scripted), Toc 25n and Toc10hc on Kirin Tor back in 2013 and can vouch for it that these encounters are scripted top-notch.
If I remember well RS was never released, I'm not sure about ICC heroic.

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