It's been too damn long!

Trumpkinpie @ Kirin Tor

1 Dwarf Priest
Edited by Trumpkinpie on 2017-12-06 10:35:46
The time has come to allow us access to each and every battleground & arena map. For far too long we have lived in this strange/morphed version of a Wotlk realm in which we have full access to PvE, and a washed up PvP experience with only 3 battlegrounds in rotation. Not long before this forum post was made, I (painfully) reached out to the respective horde guilds in an effort to prove that interest does indeed exist in "all-access PvP". This is your chance to share ideas about how we can make our Wotlk dream complete: what say you!?

Bloodnhonor @ Kirin Tor
1 Orc Warrior
Zug zug, as much I hate to agree with a scum I think hes right. The pvp community is growing and we need more content. My fellow orc warriors are tired of slaying scum on the same grounds everyday. Do something about this or we will go full Garrosh mode and conquer Azeroth.

Trumpkinpie @ Kirin Tor

1 Dwarf Priest
Edited by Trumpkinpie on 2017-11-27 18:42:11
Bloodnhonor = Alandi

Kallemera @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Rogue

Panofsky @ Kirin Tor
1 Night Elf Warrior
Make pvp great again!

Darkorange @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Rogue

Deathstep @ Kirin Tor
4 Dwarf Paladin
Not going to work for the massive bgs, when 400 lvl 80s are online in each faction and only 5 of them want to do bgs.

Articy @ Kirin Tor

5 Human Paladin
I'm back with them over 10 K points, being only 40 away from the leader, i finally get some new BG - SoTA to earn some achievements from, but it still needs to be polished, it's sadly ye that not many people enjoy pvping, but hopefully this will chance :) Cheers RTC

Frostynut @ Kirin Tor
2 Human Warrior
Why did they even take those maps out of the rotation? I don't think I've ever seen more than the 3 current arena maps been played.

Naidira @ Kirin Tor
of Quel'Thalas

80 Blood Elf Paladin
They were taken out because they both involve major gameplay mechanics that have only been recently made functional in TrinityCore. Losing matches to environmental bugs wasn't good.

Maybe now that they're working in TC, they can be ported to DW. That was a while ago though, I may be misremembering that they're working in TC now.

Whist @ Kirin Tor
1 Night Elf Druid
I came back to the server for the wrathful gear a few weeks back, but I do remember that like 1-2 years ago sota worked as well as now (we still got bugs that doesn't let you go through destroyed walls). It honestly seemed like it was removed for no reason, even though I'm not a fan of this BG.

Mcgurgle @ Kirin Tor

1 Undead Priest
Edited by Mcgurgle on 2017-12-06 06:40:47
RPer Trump is right, we should have access to at least the other arena maps and SotA. Regarding the 40 man BGs, imo the only way to make these work is to increase the honour gained from them at the weekend for example. Maybe by 150% to entice people to queue them specifically, maybe not let them pop until it's 20 a side (not sure how many is required atm). As Kys said, 5 people on each faction queuing the 40 man BGs won't help anyone.

Edzero @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Priest
Sota had and still has several bugs, that's why it was disabled.

AV requires 10 to queue each side and IOC requires 20. But wsg, ab eots only require 6. That's why they keep popping and not av or ioc.

Maybe they could have the 40 man BGs dynamically added to the rbg rotation during server peaks. Plenty if people want to play them either for the fun or the achievements, but it's hard to get both factions to gather 10 or 20 people for a bg that doesn't give the 25 arena points or the bonus honor

The rbg and specific queues were linked on retail but they aren't on Dalaran. One alternative solution would be to make all the BGs join the rbg queue. So if say 10 alliance but only 8 horde are in specific queue for av, 2 horde joining the rbg queue would pop it.

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