New to healing - What are mandatory addons?

Shanaynay @ Kirin Tor

1 Troll Shaman
Hey there,

I have read similar posts for healing addons, suggestions are varied and I have looked at some suggested addons like Clique, Lui. I'm just not getting their usefulness, unless I'm not reading their descriptions correctly

I am new to healing, specifically I'm a Shaman. I do have Grid, it does seem very useful - it's the only addon specific to healing that I'm using

Here is where I'm having trouble:

Noticing my buffs that are proc'ed through skills, or if a target has a buff from me which could improve certain healing spells. I remember playing I think it was Cataclysm, where the normal in-game UI had these built in massive indicators above your character. For example, a Ret Paladin who gains a buff that makes his casting skill an instant cast, a huge flashing icon would appear over your character

Is there an addon that shows an on-screen temporary icon, that lets you know you gained this buff etc?

Any suggestions are appreciated and sorry in advance just brand new to healing :)

Galgnu @ Kirin Tor
1 Orc Shaman
As a Shammy myself I use Healbot with great succes.

I dont have anything flashing - you dont need that as soon as you get familiar with your class :-)

Zi @ Kirin Tor

1 Undead Warlock
not really healing specific but i like tellmewhen to keep track of whatev i want to keep track off

Matildelf @ Kirin Tor
5 Blood Elf Priest
Healbot is the only mandatory addon for healing! To display procs and other cool icons I like PowerAuras, very cool addon

Remuerto @ Kirin Tor

1 Undead Rogue
I love Grid and how it works with its complement "Grid icons", which allows me to see buffs/debuffs on the raid icons themselves. It's very intuitive and easy to see who's buffed with what, who gets a debuff that you can dispell, etc.
If you want a big flashy icon to pop everytime you gain a specific proc, you can easily do that with Debuff Filter, enabling and adjusting settings for "Player" and "Buffs" and choosing the Aura you want to track.

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