Final ICC Beta before the official release.

Hello there,

The final Icecrown Citadel Beta session's date are finally set. Since we have received different answers from the guilds about which day would fit them best, we have decided to have two days for such tests in order to accommodate every group.

There will be 2 sessions of Beta testing:

1) Wednesday, 12th April. 16:00 - 03:30 Server Time.
2) Saturday, 15th April. 16:00 - 04:00 Server Time.

Every guild is allowed to participate during both days.

If a group who did not come during our previous Beta session in December wishes to participate, please write us an e-mail to: [email protected] with the subject title: Name of your guild - Final Icecrown Citadel Beta.

The content of the email should be:

1) A list of the participants from your guild, keep in mind that the volume of players can be as long as you desire and you can divide them in the number of raid groups you consider best, you can bring alters to help with the testing purposes.
2) The raid modes you are going to test. Can be multiple options too.

If you have any questions regarding the Beta, do not hesitate to write us to the same e-mail address.

The official Icecrown Citadel's patch with all the 3.3.5a related content release date will be announced the day after the second Beta session; 16th April.


After receiving some feedback from the guilds related to the Beta's dates, it seems there are many groups that have some inconveniences with them due Easter vacations. We have received as suggestion making it one week later - it seems to fit much better overall.

This being said, the Beta sessions are postponed one week and extended by one day:

-19th April, Wednesday.
-22nd April, Saturday.
-23rd April, Sunday.

We have already comunicated this changes to every group through e-mail.

Thank you very much.
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