Ruby Sanctum's official release date.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We are glad to finally announce the official release date of the Ruby Sanctum's raid: Friday 31st of August.

We would like to thank those players who have participated in our Beta sessions and have helped us polishing the encounters, your help is greatly appreciated.

Remember that, in order to access The Ruby Sanctum, the following attunements will be needed:

-Ruby Sanctum 10 players: The Frozen Throne (10 players).
-Ruby Sanctum 10 players (Heroic): Ruby Sanctum 10 players.

-Ruby Sanctum 25 players: The Frozen Throne (25 players).
-Ruby Sanctum 25 players (Heroic): Ruby Sanctum 25 players.

We have put a lot of effort and love into its development and we really hope every one of you enjoys it.

As a quick addition, stay tuned to our news and social media, we are going to announce within few days a reward that all our players will be able to benefit from, as a celebration of the Dalaran-WoW's 5th anniversary.

Thank you very much.
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