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You’re about to create an account on the server with the best and most faithful to Blizzard's WOTLK content, that there has ever been seen. Welcome to our community, we really hope you enjoy your stay as much as our current players are enjoying.

We’ve had the most successful server release of history, our population is on a continuous rise; every single day we have many new people finding us by various methods, mostly interested in our quality and our homely community. Currently retail players seeking to revive the WOTLK experience again have joined us, not to mention people from other private servers looking for the best quality scripts and blizzlike feel.

We have recently released Algalon, our WoTLK Progressive realm. The first and unique true Progressive realm on the whole Internet, watch the trailer below.

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Do you want to see some images and videos from our players? Check MEDIA section and our Youtube Channel for some epic raiding and PvP content videos from Dalaran-WoW’s realm.