Prophecy [H] are recruiting

Kalintra @ Kirin Tor
1 Tauren Shaman
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We are a semi-hard core raiding guild and our aim is to conquer all raid instances plus any hard modes for the benefit of the guild as a whole by advancing players that have the dedication, commitment and skill to complete the raids.

The vast majority of the players within the guild have played retail since vanilla and thus have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the game. While we don't necessarily expect any new recruits to the guild to have this level of knowledge, they must have the commitment to learn and better their skill levels for the benefit of the guild.

Prophecy is currently looking to bolster their ToGC25 team for progression. We are also currently doing regular 2* ToGC10 teams on Insanity runs and working to also complete all hard modes in Uld. Our scheduled raid times are 19:30 on Sunday, Monday and Thursday. We also raid on Saturdays at 15:00 for Ulduar.

Our roster at the moment has the following requirements and would welcome applications at for the following class / spec:

Death Knight - Blood and Unholy
Druid - All Specs
Priest - Disc and Shadow
Rogue - Assassin

Other applications would still be considered but not prioritised.

Thank you for your attention.

Zerk @ Kirin Tor
1 Orc Warrior
Conquer*, but there's little to conquer since you're going in to raid it. Criminal activity.
You can cut out "to the guild" as it is redundant.
Improve* skill levels, not better.
...and also working to complete... (see, you're not conquering them!)
Will be considered.

You're welcome.

There are some other minor details, but generally you're fine now. Also, who are in-game contacts?

Kalintra @ Kirin Tor
1 Tauren Shaman
Have you never heard the phrase 'poetic license'? Guess not. This post was created to recruit and give information about the guild not to pamper to trolls and forum police like yourself.

As to the in-game contacts, can you not see who created the post in the first place?

Kallemera @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Rogue
Why do you only accept assassination rogues? Combat is superior in this tier.

Kalintra @ Kirin Tor
1 Tauren Shaman
At this point we have sufficient combat rogues and want the flexibility of having the crit buff from master poisoner if there is not a pally / ele shaman in the raid. Unlikely I know not to have these classes present but gives scope for changes to be made to the raid makeup.

In terms of damage output combat and assassination are arguably equitable for raiding, dependent on movement and mob switching.

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