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Hey and welcome to Genesys Recruitment post!
We are a new guild on Dalaran-wow's HORDE side and we've transfered from Excalibur TBC/Retail to come and raid here. Our goal is to raid everything in order just as most of us did back in the day and to eventually take a spot in amongst the best guilds on the server.

Our leadership is experienced and organised, some of our players did LK 25 HC world 57 with Minions of Mithril back in the day on only a 3 day raid schedule.

Applications and more information about us can be found at : (You can apply anonymously by talking to Slashpro ingame)

Progress :
We've only had 1 raid so far but i'll update this section after each raid.

Ulduar 10 - 11/14
Ulduar 25 - 0/14
ToC 10 - 0/5
ToC 25 - 0/5
ToGC 10 - 0/5
ToGC 25 0/5

-Loot system :
Loot Council - Council gives loot based on following criteria in the order that it's written below.

- Progress
- Attendance
- Reliability
- Performance
- Consistency

The loot-council always reward the people who are loyal and accountable, those who always show to both progress and farm.

Raid schedule:

Mondays - 7.30pm-10.30pm (Main Raid)

Tuesdays - 7.30pm-10.30pm (Main Raid)

Thursdays - 7.30pm-10.30pm (Optional raid)

All raid times are SERVER TIME.

Current recruitment:

Currently we are recruiting everything to establish a core raid team of first 10 people then 25 in order to progress at a decent speed.

Tanks - 2/3
Healers - 2/5
DPS - 7/20

Exceptional players of other classes and specs is always of interest no matter what we currently look for.

We do accept Levelers, casuals, Large groups of raiders and we also very much accepts alts of experienced raiders.


Ingame contacts for the guild - Slashpro , Guiltyy, Hobo, Mused, Prawn

Slashkill @ Kirin Tor
1 Draenei Shaman
Update -
We are looking for 1 DPS with Tank offspec (Be experienced as tank is a must)
3 Healers (Pala, Priest, Druid)
19 DPS

We're going to have our first raid on Monday 15/5-17 aswell as 16/5-17 to clear 10 + 25 Ulduar Normal modes.

our goal is to be ICC HC 25 ready after the summer giving us about 3 months to build up and clear out TOGC 25 + Uld 25 HMs.

Lodak @ Kirin Tor

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Was bummed to find out you guys were horde after seeing the [A] on your other post. May have to faction change!

Slashkill @ Kirin Tor
1 Draenei Shaman
Update - Looking for the following classes/Specs still :

1 Feral Druid (Experienced in Tanking aswell)
3 Healers (Pala, Priest, Druid)
2 Mages
1 Warlock
1 Balance
2 Rets
2 Rogues
1 Elemental Shaman
1 Enhancement Shaman

We do prefer if people are attuned to ToC but not mandatory.

Current progress - 11/14 uld 10 m in our first raid.

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