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Aptitude is a group of friends that has been raiding together for nearly a year on various servers. We offer a friendly, yet, focused & skilled player-base. It is essential that our players get along and engage in banter with one another - its what makes us, us. With that being said; our raid-environment is light-hearted, but serious and focused during boss fights. People are expected to execute mechanics flawlessly and show up prepared.

Repeated mistakes lead to the bench. We take raid time serious, and you need to as well. If you do not perform, or make the same mistakes repeatedly, we will ask you why, and to clarify. If you suck; then it sucks to suck, this is not the place for you. However, that's not to say we aren't humans, and we are definitely not 'elitist' we just enjoy playing with people of similar caliber and commitment; rather than letting 1 'nice guy' drag us down and hinder progression. We have the casual/friend or member rank for people like that, this is also for individuals who simply don't have the time, or willingness to commit to the raid schedule, etc.

We do have a real application process, this allows us to weed out any non-serious applicants, as our application shows a basic commitment and willingness to put in work/time. We do accept trial members prior to them filling out an application; however, you will have to fill one out to receive loot / be promoted to raider. We try and be upfront and transparent with everything as much possible.

Apply here:
Raid times are on the website.

We are looking forward to progressing through the Ulduar and its Hardmodes along with achieving what only the few have done on Dalaran, Killing LK on hardmode, in 25man.

This is where you come into play; we're currently looking to expand into a consistent 25man team. Our 10man team is clearing new content every week, and we realize that the true challenge lies in 25man - this is what we are here for. As of right now, we are accepting people lvls 78+(fresh 80s) to join our 25man fresh-progressive roster, however we really need people to have a GS of at least 3500 to get started, We don't really want anyone over a GS of 4500 (We don't want to trivialize our current content- badge/10man Ulduar gear). We just ask you to have a bit of patients as things come together and we continue to expand. Depending on the number of applicants & their classes/roles, we may launch another 10man in the interim of establishing our 25man. We plan to enter nax as soon as we have 20. We primarily need a DK/Druid tank, Resto Shammy, and caster dps. Exceptional applicants should still apply, even if we don't explicitly need your class.

Please Contact: Notpownz, Klinx, Fubey, Jrc or Frostd in-game. We accept trials in-game, but, all raiders must fill out an application. Only serious applicants should apply, however, please note that 'casuals' are welcome.


If you are a serious raider, looking for a fun & focused raid environment;
Apply here, and join our group of friends:
Raid times are on the website.

We need a DK/Druid Tank, Resto Shammy & Caster DPS. Any exceptional applicants may be granted trial even if the class is not sought after explicitly. We are serious about experiencing the content, so we aim to limit ilevel/GS to current/close to current progression.

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