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Apocryphan @ Kirin Tor
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Hello guys,

After wandering 3 years on the server without finding THE guild that will fit, we decided to start our own little project with a friend and that's what brings us here.

We started this guild in the beginning of December 2017 and, regarding how the guild growed up, we thought it's time to help interested people to learn more about us !

I - Who are we ?

We are an EU guild based on server time that want create a social and talkative core of members to play in a friendly ambiance. In order to do this, we capped the number of members in the guild (the cap is set class by class depending on how many roles the class can fill) which help us making everyone know each other. This last point is very important for us.

Also, we are big fans of fun guild events and we really want have weekly guild events (hide and seek, old raid runs, angel's jump...). Those events are as (if not more) important than raids for us.

By doing this, we aim to have a medium-sized guild with ONLY active members. Anyone that don't prevent an afk for 14 days or more is kicked out of the guild.

In definitive, we want be a social guild on the first hand, but we also love doing PvE (and PvP, but it doesn't need that much organization !).
We host weekly 10 man T7 raids filled with PU at 9 PM server time. Raid days aren't fixed.

We use Teamspeak as vocal for everything, english talking is required. We're not natives english speakers but we make some efforts to improve us !

II - The HPE project (PvE)

We have a special project with the PvE of our guild for the 10 most motivated members. We're creating a special core of 10 members that want do a Hardcore Progressive Experience (the HPE core). Not in terms of raidtimes but in difficulty. We want experiment the real difficulties of every raids and don't get carry.

To do this, we will follow a strict gear restriction on bosses we didn't killed yet in HPE.
This means that once a boss is defeated in HPE we can equip any gear during the next runs on this boss.

Another way to see this is to think you're on retail and the latest raid out is the one we are about to enter in; you can't have gear/enchants from further raids/reputations...

Regarding raid times and days, we will see this with the core members to fit with a maximum of people (so they aren't defined yet).

For exemple, when we will start Naxx , OS and Archavon 10 :


Is allowed :
- All Dungeon gear EXCEPT iLvL 213/219/232 from ToC, FoS, PoS and HoR.
- All items from the Heirloom / Heroism emblems including the 2 T7 tokens AND the 213 iLvL bracers from the Emblems of Valor Quatermaster.
- All gems.
- All enchants EXCEPT Blade Ward and Blood Draining.
- All BoE from Naxx and Sartha 10/25.
- All profession craft with an iLvL max of 200.
- All items from reputation except The Argent Tournament and The Ashen Verdict.
- All trash loots from Naxx and Sartha 10/25.
- The Ring / Band of the Kirin Tor with a Max iLvL of 200.

Isn't allowed :
- Gear from ToC, FoS, PoS and HoR.
- Items from the Conquest / Triumph / Frost vendor. Emblems of Valor too except the 213 iLvL bracers
- Blade Ward and Blood Draining enchants.
- All gear from EoE, Ulduar, Ony, ToC and ICC (even BoE).
- All craft from Ulduar, ToC and ICC.
- Items from The Argent Tournament and The Ashen Verdict reputations.
- The Ring / Band of the Kirin Tor with an iLvL of 213 or higher.
- Any 219+ iLvL PvP Gear.

EoE's key drops on Sapphiron so we can start EoE after we've done one down of Sapphiron.

III - What are we looking for at the moment and how to contact us ?

First of all, we are open to every friendly player that show interest for the guild ;)
But to be more precise, at the moment we need ONE buddy of the following specs as ACTIVE player. By doing this we want have a nice diversity of specs without having people on side that won't participate in the guild.


*Last Update: 02/02/2018

We doesn't matter your gear ! Now that you know our objectives, low geared people, don't hesitate to contact us !
The GS don't rule anything in the guild. We think this addon have been overexploited in the bad way and that's why be don't us it so please don't contact us with whispering your GS because to be honest, we don't care ;)

You can post here everything you want ask us we'll be happy to answer you ! You can also whisper Alhea, Inalia, Sidoh, Takk, Apocryphan or Ishalla IG for fast information (but probably less complete !).

Have a nice day buddies ;)

Zayá @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Mage
Edited by Zayá on 2018-02-19 19:20:14
A year ago I tried to set up such a group. I'm amazed that you came up with excatly the same idea. Hopefully I can attend to the raid times. I will try to contact you ingame (Zelos, Ret Pally). What times are you guys online usually?

Hgvkhkh @ Kirin Tor
1 Night Elf Priest
Hey, just curious to see if you guys are still recruiting for the 10 man team

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