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Aeon is a Horde progressive raiding guild that will work through all content. We are currently looking for DPS and healers for our 25 man team, which is currently working through Ulduar. So what makes our guild different?

1. This guild is purely focused on raiding. This isn't a leveling, PVP, or RP guild.
2. Our guild isn't stuck grinding ICC at the moment. If you're a newer level 80 and you're looking to see the pure WOTLK progression, or are newer to raiding, our guild is definitely right for you.
3. Our 25 man raid times are Sat/Sun at 8pm EST. This translates to Sun/Mon at 2am SERVER. We also have a 10 man team raiding on Friday/Wednesday at 9PM EST. (Saturday and Thursday at 3am Server). No matter which team you run with (or both!) you can be sure you're keeping up with the guild progression.
4. We do our work to be prepared. Logs are recorded, and raids are streamed so members can review fights.
5. Our player base is willing to help each other, open and friendly. You don't need to worry about walking in and dealing with guild politics or cliques.
6. This is a drama free guild. Any trolls or jerks are kicked immediately.

Ok. So all of that sounds good. So, what kind of players are we looking for?
1. Dedicated- Progressive raiding is difficult. Be prepared for the long haul.
2. Consistent- being able to make most of the raids for the team you run with
3. Preparedness- Know the fights before walking in, know how to play your class well, and make sure your gear is gemmed, enchanted, and appropriate stat caps reached.
4. Good Attitude- Getting salty and raging isn't welcome here. Don't need downers either.
5. Discord with working mic

That's it! If you have any more questions, or are interested in joining, message Paradoxic on Algalon

Loadsamoney @ Kirin Tor
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I'm right on the cusp of hitting 80 and am about to begin the gearing process to prepare for Naxx10. I'm a Prot Pally aspiring to be a Main Tank, Mining/JC.

I'm in a guild right now, Knights of Kalimdor, but I don't think they have a serious raiding team. It's more of a leveling/profession guild, and I'm most likely going to give notice that I'm seeking a more serious guild for raiding. This one sounds like the guild for me.

I have a headset/Discord, and I know my class fairly well. I'm not familiar with most raid fights, but I am a fast learner, so as long as they are thoroughly explained beforehand, I can usually pick them up pretty quickly.

Qweqr @ Kirin Tor

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Cool, next time you see Paradoxic online, you can message me there and we can talk further

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