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Athanas @ Kirin Tor
10 Draenei Warrior
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Founded in 2015, we've recently returned to the server early this year and restarted active recruitment, mostly for EU players. We've always been a guild of people who enjoy the social side of WoW, but also kept an appreciation for skill and commitment. We level, we raid and we PvP in varying amounts, there's a place for most people in the guild. However, we do have groups within the guild that have a single focus in each area.

Technically, we are a PvP guild. Or rather, a guild that wishes to specialise in teaching inexperienced players how to enjoy large-scale team battles. You don't, however, need to be a PvPer to join. Our barest minimum requirement for joining is that you care about the server community and that you're open to learning. That's it. No strict skill or gear requirements.

We're currently looking to build our 10 man raiding team, and have spots open for every class and role. 25 man raids will be undertaken by the entire guild. Players who focus on raiding will be given priority for gear and other benefits, but have harsher expectations put on them.
Our raiding will typically be over two days, either Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday. Raids will start at 18:00 ST.

New or returning, skilled or unskilled - people are welcome to talk to me in private if they'd like to know more about the guild. I'm open to questions, if I'm online. We're also looking for more people who consider themselves mature enough to handle officer responsibilities.

Here's the link to our Discord, which is open and welcoming to non-guild members:
Ardour Brigade Discord Server


Bonetank @ Kirin Tor

1 Undead Warrior
Hey there!! I'm a veteran WoW player and have been playing every expansion since 2006. I main a holy priest and a tank warrior. Unfortunately I am extremely new to this server. New as in.. a few hours, so my character don't go past level 10 right now. However, I'm dedicated to putting in the time and do what I do best which is raid and lead raids. I tend to lean towards the leadership/officer role while playing WoW, so I am interested in your officer position, but we can cross that bridge much later if you'll accept this application. I'm interested in joining and learning what you guys are about. Shoot me an in-game whisper to Bonejangles (my healer), or have me join discord if you'll like that alternative instead.

Athanas @ Kirin Tor
10 Draenei Warrior
Just a brief update on the recruitment, we are still looking for more people. People who are able to raid would be most useful, but people who are still leveling and want a guild with which to socialise are still welcome. We are still an Alliance guild on Algalon, that hasn't changed.

If you can't find me ingame, you can also send an ingame mail to me and I'll be sure to look out for you. Alternatively, you can message either Laeh or Lynore/Lineory and they can add you to the guild as well.

We have a short trial period in which people can get a feel for the guild and decide if they enjoy it.

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