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Scarce EU is guild on the Horde Side of the server we are looking for dedicated players to join our ICC 25 team as well as our 2 ICC10 groups.
We are currently recruiting exceptional players of all classes and specs.

Current progress is :
ICC25 12/12
ICC10hc - 11/12 - Main group
ICC10nm - 12/12 - Second group
We are doing 2 Icc10 raiding groups per week both clearing it.
ICC25 man raiding day is Sunday 17:30 ST.
Main ICC10 HC is Saturday 17:30 ST - Continuation Monday 18:30 ST.
2nd ICC10 Group is being created at Tuesday 18:30 ST.
RS10n/hc is made before our ICC10HC main group.
All raiding times finish at 22:00 ST. Unless we finish the raids earlier which is isnt something uncommon at our current guild situation.
We are currently going with Loot Council system in our 25 man raids unless we are forced to do it with pugs , then the loot will be with Highest Roll.
If you require some more information feel free to contact Shamgodx , Pearline , Galaxy. We are doing in-game applicaton/conversation with the person that is interested in joining us since we belive this is the best way to get more information about him/her and the best way to determine what kind of a person he/she is.

Shamgodx @ Kirin Tor

1 Orc Shaman
Edited by Shamgodx on 2018-09-28 14:35:51
Currently Looking for Caster Dps - Boomkin , Mage , Warlock , Elemental Shaman. Healers : holy paladin + resto shaman. Tanks : Tank Feral Druid.

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