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Hpsuper @ Kirin Tor
1 Night Elf Druid
Hello alliance! I hit 80 today and will begin the Algalon gearing grind. I am looking for a guild to raid with and willing to go whatever spec is needed other than Bear. My preference is Cat > Tree > Chicken. With a lot of free time in the next 3 months I will be able to make all raid times. LW/Skin

My brief wow history goes as follows, started in mid-late TBC those were the newb days nothing of importance here. Then came WOTLK, I healed Naxx, EoE, and The Obsidian Sanctum 10-25 as a holy priest. During early wraith my guild downed 3 drakes in The Obsidian Sanctum, although I was not there for the first kill. Took a break until TOC patch. Cleared TOC 10-25 Heroic. Switched to disc for most fights in ICC cleared all but Heroic LK. Never cleared Ruby sanctum took a break from game. Cata launch cleared all Heroics other than Sinestra. Firelands patch cleared all heroics other than Rag. All raiding past this point was very casual although I have played every wow expansion.

I will be gearing for Feral DPS until otherwise recruited. Need any other info feel free to contact me in game and as always have a great day!

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