[Horde] New Player looking a guild

Prytannia @ Kirin Tor

1 Tauren Druid
Hello, I sent a message to the Global channel but people were having a good laugh about different types of bosses dropping enchants and I think my message was overlooked (other than the one guy saying I should find a different server to play on /shrug)

I'm a new player to Algalon but long time player of WoW and have been around since open beta. I couldn't really get into Legion and decided to quit about a year or so ago. Didn't even try BFA.

I've raided every expansion I played and was usually a tank or healer. Not a big fan of DPS. I was a progression raid Druid tank during TBC (guild fell apart wiping on Muru like many did back then). I was a progression raid Shammy healer during WOTLK but we could never down Heroic Lich King. So I'm pretty well versed in PVE encounters and do a good job at staying out of the bad.

This play through I'm leveling a Druid with the end goal to be Resto and used the 70 boost on a Pally which I plan on making Prot once the Druid hits 80.

Hoping to find a guild that I can hang out with, shoot the shit with, run some dungeons with, and maybe do some raid content whenever I grow up big and strong enough. I'm pretty quiet most of the time and am always happy to help others even if it's running someone's alt through old content to help them gear up.

Anyway hit me up in PM if I'm online or send a message here and I'll whisper someone when I'm in game.

Dinqt @ Kirin Tor
7 Gnome Rogue
hey mate ,

yes , global is sometimes a lot of spam haha , and dont listen to that dickhead , this server is so good if you want to experience agood wotlk server

hope you find your place and guild , im ally but if u want some help let me know

cheers mate

Halfpala @ Kirin Tor
1 Gnome Warrior
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Hey Pyr, we might be a good fit for you. we're some dudes that are laid back and want to create a respectful type community. Private messages have been wierd for me but ill try looking for ya on my messing around horde. :)

Edit: appears this character no longer exists. If you're still looking at the forum, here's a link to our charter (includes a link to contact)

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