[NA][H] Thrallsworn Knights

Vynerel @ Kirin Tor
1 Blood Elf Paladin
Edited by Vynerel on 2019-06-11 18:50:26
The Thrallsworn Knights , a RP focused Horde leveling guild on Algalon is recruiting. Currently we are only three strong, but we are seeking three more (preferably blood elves to start, a priest and two DPS) for the time being to kick off our beginning plot. We are active (with Shandrail and myself only really offline every other weekend), and currently in our late thirties/early fifties but we are willing to work with even fresh toons (might fit better). We are based in Arizona, and are usually online from early evening to early morning. We plan on running several weekly events (Guild dungeon runs, All guild RP Scenes, etc) and encourage those that are interested to RP with others in the guild at any time they are online.

Don't want to RP? No problem. There are social ranks (Dungeoneer, and Raider) at the member and officer levels respectively, and there will be at minimum one event that is non-RP related per week for you to participate in. Like PVP? Once we have enough players open world PVP events, and Battlegrounds will become an option. We love RP and while that will be the main focus there will be no shortage of opportunities for those that want to just socialize and participate in the other types of content.

So if you are interested in starting something interesting with three new members of the Dalaran-WoW community please respond here, or find me on the Dalaran-WoW Discord under the name Coffeeslave.

@ Kirin Tor
All Races All Class
Hey I was wondering if you'd add my paladin on Alganon (Main Real) Malzeron. He's a broody aggressive paladin

Angelbites @ Kirin Tor

1 Blood Elf Mage
Edited by Angelbites on 2019-06-10 21:18:27
This is for Algalon right? I might be interested! I haven't done WoW RP in a LONG time!

I have a female belf hunter who I still need to work out details for, ngl, I wasn't expecting RP on this server, so I'm totally geared out for PVE.

Names Airlea

Ysla @ Kirin Tor
3 Draenei Warrior
Ayo, sounds interesting, and you’re actually in my time zone! I have a level 12 Undead rogue I’ve been trudging thru the belt starting zone for flavor and a level 45 Troll Shaman I could bring to the party. I have a couple other higher level characters as well if y’all ever need help running stuff/doing quests.

Mail me in game as Petrychor(main), Metrom(UndeadRogue12), or Reshtel(TrollShaman45).

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