Returning veteran seeking Horde raiding guild.

Loadsamoney @ Kirin Tor
1 Human Paladin
I played on Alliance for a time, raised another 80 Prot Pally over there and geared it up for Naxx, but I lost interest on that character. I just don't find the Alliance community as fun as the Horde community.

I have two characters Horde side, my old 80 Prot Pally Belf, 5,250GS, 450 Mining/JC fully gemmed/enchanted and attuned for ICC, and a newbie Femtaur Resto Shaman (Herb/Alchemy, Fishing, Cooking) that I'm hoping to learn to be a raid healer. Leveling my Resto Shammy is priority at the moment, but if asked I'll happily tank for 5-man dailies and most 10-man raids (ICC10 and ToGC10 in particular), though apart from Ulduar I don't really have an interest in 25-mans, they're too choppy for me and too chaotic most of the time.

IGN is Lodsofemone for my Prot Pally and Milktheutter for my Resto Shaman. Lemme know guys. Lok'tar!

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