[H] Hpaladin LF Serious Raiding guild

Frënchy @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Hunter
Hello guys, Im new to this server, I rolled a Hpaladin

Im curently looking for a raiding guild, I am leveling right now I know yes people might think im gona waste thier time but it's ok.

Brief About me: Im a Old school retail played since 2004 I havent done much in 2004 but i played a Prot warrior, Then 2005 hit and we started clearing content all the way until BC we got into Naxx all the way up to 4 Horsement.

Then BC hit i was in top server guild Cleared everything I mained Prot warrior had a Shaman and a Prot/Holy pally. We were top 1000 US then it's when i started getting Competitive killed KJ Pre 3.0

Now, That's when i got Competitive I was raiding in mediocrity blackrock, Top 37 World at the time, First Hearth wind and Fire, I killed Heroic LK, And it was amezing.

Now Cata i only did Black wing decent with a few friend from nurfed/Blood legion Adept and stuff. But i quiet i got tired of that lame content.

Mop Havent done much

Curently on retail im with a group of people 2 days a week were working on blackhand and Blast Furnance but im tired of this lame ass content.

Im a very competitive Individual. And im looking to Out perform other people. I am also a Streamer fulltime @

Im not looking to waste anyone times please don't waste mine

You can contact me Via in game @ Frennchy

Thanx for your time.

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