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Ascension is looking for players!

About us:

Our guild is quite young.
We are a european 10man-raiding-guild, that is currently focusing on Ulduar progress.
We are doing naxx10 and sometimes naxx25 pugs to equip new members.
Despite of that, socializing/contact between members ingame and in TS, having fun, helping each other out is also part of our guild.

Our raid days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 19.00 to 23.00 CET, that is 18.00 to 22.00 Server Time at the moment.

Recruitment status:

Currently, we are looking for:
ranged/caster classes: priest (shadow), warlock, shaman (elemental), hunter AND Pala (holy).
Applications from other classes are also welcome and we are offering social/casual slots as well.
High Priority: 1-2 Raid Leaders of any class/spec, ranged preferred.

We expect you to play your class exceptionally well, be buffed, gemmed and enchanted for raids, have sufficient english skills and be able to talk/listen on TS while raiding. We are not a hardcore guild, but you have to take raiding seriously. You need to take part in around 2/3 of our guild raids to remain a raidmember.
As long as you are loyal to the guild and you are doing anything you can to improve your character, you can expect help from the guild after completing your trial period.
Players who are able and willing to socialize with the guild, doing other things except raids are preferred.

Please don't apply if you are slacking and your connection is behaving "strange". We are no fools and we will keep track of your behavior.

Following Addons are a must have:

- Omen
- Ora or CTRaidassist
- Pally Power [Palas]
- as Healing Class or any Class who can dispell, decurse etc. we also want you to be able to see debuffs on raidframes

... and of course, TS3

Since we do not provide you with a strict application form but rather promote free form writing, there are a few guidelines you should include when constructing your application:
- Ingame name and contact information. We will most likely contact you for a quick gear inspection.
- Personal information. Who is the player behind the character?
- Past experience. Please include your MMO or competitive gaming experience. This most importantly includes any past guilds and experience you might have from retail World of Warcraft.
- Connection and computer stability.
- Do you have any alts or offspec gear which is relevant to mention?
- Why have you decided to apply to us?

You can also contact Kaysera, Torroth, Olav or Elarim ingame. For additional information, just ask an officer or any guildies.

Thanks for considering Ascension!

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