Looking for 8 dedicated players (H) EU

Dylan @ Kirin Tor
Edited by Dylan on 2015-05-31 12:45:40
Hello to all reading this post.

My name is Lightsfury and I have a goal. The goal is to create a top guild on Dalaran-WoW that will be ready and prepared to compete for the realms first Lich King 25 hc kill here on Algalon.

I can not do this alone of course, I need the players of Dalaran to help me in this task. So I ask, anyone willing to spend time and effort becoming a top guild then please, stand behind me.

I am not looking for people with amazing gear, but people who are skilled in their class. We have to start somewhere, so I am only focusing on 10 man for now. This will change in the future of course once Ulduar HM and Trial of the Grand Crusader (when it is released) is on farm. Then we can start preparing to move into 25 mans and I plan for this to be in a good amount of time before the ICC release.

I plan to raid on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday at 8-12pm ST. I feel like these raid days normally work for many and 4 hours of raiding is a fine amount. However, once the release of ICC, in order to fight for a realms first, we will be extending raid times by quite a large margin.

This will be immensely difficult to do, I know. There are some top, top quality guilds on this server and of course, it will be extremely difficult to over throw some of the top guilds. But a challenge is what makes me thrive in this game, to over come pressure and defy the odds is what I raid for.

What you'd be getting from me as a raid leader:
You would be getting someone with great experience when it comes to Wotlk.
T7 - Cleared
T8 - Cleared. Hardmodes completed on both 10 and 25 man.
T9 - Cleared. Heroic cleared on both 10 and 25 man.
T10 - Cleared. RS 10/25 HC cleared. ICC 10 HC 12/12 ICC 25 HC 11/12

I feel it is important to share with you my progress and experience. If you guys feel that I'm not good enough than, as the guild leader I would need to improve or step down for the guild. I also missed out on my Lich King 25 HC kill and with the brilliance of the raid scripts from Dalaran-WoW, I could finally have a chance at the Lich King 25 HC again and my word, would it feel good.

I am very serious about this and it is a huge ambition. If you are interested please leave a comment in the post below or add me in-game and said me a whisper on there if you would like to talk more.

Many thanks,

Drumma @ Kirin Tor

80 Blood Elf Rogue
Azel is that you?
Please be Azel.
I miss Azel.

Dylan @ Kirin Tor
No Characters
Sorry? I am not Azel. I do apologise

Tondo @ Kirin Tor

1 Gnome Warlock
Wants to raid 16 hours a week.
Wants to be a top guild.


Dylan @ Kirin Tor
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Only until we're up and running. Once we are there, we can then transition into a hardcore guild.

Gerardd @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Mage
Good luck with your guild, mate! This spirit is always great, I really hope you success.

Dylan @ Kirin Tor
No Characters
Many thanks Gerardd.

Dylan @ Kirin Tor
No Characters
Guild now formed is up and running. Still looking for some players though.

Website here -

Dylan @ Kirin Tor
No Characters

Legshot @ Kirin Tor

2 Dwarf Hunter
Do you accept people who currently are lvling?
Can provide proof of expereince.

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