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Kp @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Warrior
Hello there, as the title explains i am on the hunt for a new guild here on Dalaran WoW.
I am an old player on Dalaran and have just recently come back from a long-term break that lasted longer than expected, however i am now guildless and was looking to get back into raiding once again.

Some basic information, i used to play here on Dalaran last summer and started my journey around early june 2014. Once i hit 80 i joined a swedish only guild called Mattiskings, with this guild we cleared all the content available on both 10 and 25 man. However the guild disbanded as most of us got tired of endless naxxramas and ulduar seem'd to be far off. Thats when i also started my break. Although i came back for a couple of weeks early 2015 in january and cleared Ulduar 10 as i wanted to try it out seeing as this is the only private server that has a fully working ulduar afaik.

I was pleased by my results and managed to kill yogg-saron on 10 man normal difficulty, not a big fuss. However shortly went inactive again as i did not have the time to raid multiple times per week which is what i want to do when raiding with a guild.

Now that my scheme has changed for the better i have plenty more time to put into raiding and was hoping to find a new guild and start a new adventure with some Ulduar before the launch of ToC, and ofcourse ToC itself when it arrives.

I do know there are plenty of plate users on most wrath servers and there is no different here from what i remember, so finding a guild could be a hassle. But if you chose to recruit me it will be worthwhile. I have experience in all the WoTlK raids from both live realms aswell as multiple private servers. Ulduar is probably the one i have least experience in (Hard modes). I've done it plenty on normal though. But anything else, such as togc or ICC N/HC is my prime time from retail and i know it all pretty much in and out.

I have plenty of experience as a warrior when it comes to raiding as this is one of my two main classes from back in the days and all the way up to date. I know how to play my class, spec and how to efficiently pull off as much as possible for each encounter that i face. I know how to gem, enchant, spec and what to bring to raids such as flask and proper consumables that benefit me the most.

I also have a tanking off-spec with decent Naxx 25 gear that is ready to tackle atleast ulduar 10 as of now. However my tanking experience isnt as broad as my fury/dps one, but i am a quick learner and know how to play as a tank, simply not up to date with boss encounters when tanking. But if you/your guild is looking for a tank feel free to hit me up as i have no problems at all to switch spec.

If you need to know anything else feel free to reply to this thread or add me in-game and toss a whisper. I'm always up for a chit chat! :)

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