Sensual Leprechaun [H] - recruiting for Uld10/Naxx10

Randugun @ Kirin Tor
1 Orc Shaman

Heya, my name is Randugun and I'm the guild leader of a rather nifty band of blokes called Sensual Leprechaun. We're a social guild with aims to progress through raiding content at a decent pace.

We are looking for raid-ready folks to help us clear Ulduar, meaning that you have a decent set of gear, are attuned for Ulduar 10 through having completed Naxxramas and that you have a general idea of the fights.
We're looking for healers, preferring Priests if possible.

If you aren't yet properly geared and/or attuned for Ulduar 10, we are going to run a second raid group dedicated to clear and gear Naxxramas.
Do note that these runs will involve a lot of PuGs in the early weeks.

Sensual Leprechaun is, as the name might suggest, a guild that doesn't take itself all too seriously. We like raid progression, but enjoying the game is our main aim.
If you aren't ready for any raid content just yet, feel free to join purely to enjoy guild banter.
We're a chatty bunch of chaps, really.

Raid information
We raid Wed/Fri 7 PM servertime.
For Ulduar we open up fridays and continue on wednesdays.
For Naxxramas we run a raid on fridays alongside the main Ulduar run, depending on the demand of guildies.

Any and all questions can be adressed to any of the following:

Guild Leader bloke of Sensual Leprechaun

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