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Upcoming PvP guild on the horde side.

My vision and idea is very simple and unoriginal. But I have yet not seen or heard of any decent or even half decent PvP-orientated guild on the Horde side(sorry if I've looked by something out there). The plan would be to eventually be the hosting guild of the #1RBG groups along with the usual premades and a playerbase of PvPers to make the search for arena partners a hell lot easier. How long it’ll take to gather a decent rooster and a cheerful spirit is not really any of my concern. On the contrary, I will stick to this guild as long as I play here (even if it’s just me and a couple of mates rolling) as I have no interest(or time) in raiding or sticking to a schedule.

So, what's coming up is a laid back PvP guild with some morality and maturity, meaning restricted bad behavior as I have a hard time believing anyone enjoys getting targeted by childish harrassments and/or having to bear with a rooster full of arrogance and/or negativity.
A friendly mentality is of great value to maintain a nice community. I have a strong belief we all give up real life to enjoy the games we play rather than not, and I hold on to that.

So hey! If you feel that you’d like to fit right into this and enjoy the game alongside equal-minded PvP players, feel more than welcome contacting me in-game. Sell yourself with few words and everything will sort itself out.
*Provide a PvP history when applying/contacting me in-game. Inviting people that never reached 1.7k for example would kill the whole idea of a PvP guild, whilst a nice and mature attitude gets you very far. How long it’ll take to gather a decent rooster and a cheerful spirit is not really any of my concern.

CU online

I myself have been playing the shaman class since s2 retail. R6 in 3s during S3 and casually kept my rates above 2.2k up to maybe a couple of months into cata. That’s when I quit retail. None of that is for bragging - on the contrary, it's a rather poor experience to some people. But it is my background.

Heartbt @ Kirin Tor

1 Tauren Shaman
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Wonderbolt @ Kirin Tor

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Good initiative! I might join, but it'll be hard to get lot of players, most of the good PvPers are already in raiding guilds.

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Holidayz is PvE nab, do not invite him

Krae @ Kirin Tor

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Fridayz @ Kirin Tor

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Holidayz is PvE nab, do not invite him

pve is srs bsns : )

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