[H] The Completionists - Legacy content and PVE guild

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contact ZARAX or MECHACRASH for an invite

Welcome all - we're a recently established and quickly growing guild - created with the sole purpose of offering unique challenges throughout all content in the World of Warcraft. We're friendly, chatty and always available to help.

Don't worry if you're not interested in challenging content exclusively however, as our guild is full of players of all play styles. Challenging end-game WOTLK content. Achievement hunting. Reputation grinding. Questing. Though our guild hopes to encourage support and interest in our challenges, we're open to all.

Challenges are created and managed by members of the guild - this post will be updated as more come and go. If you have an idea in mind, come and join us, we'll be more than ready to tackle anything!

We are currently looking to recruit players level 60 or below who are willing to work together to tackle some of the most daunting, some of the most challenging, and some of the most legendary quests, dungeons and raids! We are progressively completing content from Vanilla and TBC, before heading onwards to WOTLK.

Our short term goals are aimed exclusively at Vanilla content and are as follows:
  • Complete epic questlines (Dungeon Set 2 / T0.5, Sceptor of the Shifting Sands, etc.)
  • Defeat world bosses (Twilight Hammer summons, Dragons of the Emerald Nightmare, etc.)
  • Clear and earn gear in dungeons and raids
  • Complete all achievements attainable within Vanilla content
  • and many more!

To be fair to those who wish to exclusively progress through older content, we have the following rules when in a group:
  • Level must be locked to 60 for Vanilla, 70 for TBC, or unlocked for WOTLK
  • Gear worn must be attainable within the expansion currently being played
  • No heirlooms

These rules can be changed on a per-group basis - but please be mindful of those wishing to undertake challenges.

We hope our guild and our goals are interesting. Those who join us will no doubt have a long road ahead of them. But eventually they will emerge, battle hardened and with a tale or two to tell, ready for whatever outlands and northrend can throw at them!

We are looking to bolster our level 80 players and begin end-game raid content in a unique and increasingly difficult way.

Players will be unable to wear gear attainable in 25-man RAID content, offering a far more daunting task to those who undertake the challenge. All world gear and heirlooms are allowed.

Your group, while small in number, will rise victorious against all odds, claim the spoils, before plunging onwards and upwards. Ulduar is just the beginning - what terrors will the Lich King bring within ICC? And more importantly, can you tackle the hardest instances northrend has to offer under such restrictions?

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