LF Daytime Raid Guild (EU)

Snowmana @ Kirin Tor

70 Blood Elf Mage
Looking for a guild that raids between 8am-6pm (GMT/ServerTime); raids finishing no later than 6pm.

I have top tier raid experience from retail and have played the game for 9 years. (Played all xpacs, raided BC (badly) Wrath (decently) and Cata (Number 1 25mHC guild on server).

Have played all classes / roles, most at max level and I'm happy to play any of the following classes; Warrior, Pala (pref), DK (pref), Rogue, Hunter, Mage. I'm only looking for a dps spot as I don't rate my tanking (though have done it on a serious level in Cata) and I don't like healing.

Basically, if this kind of guild exists I'll buy a 70 with the class you need and level it from there.

Horde, Alliance, 10 or 25man, all are fine.

Cheers guys.

Gerardd @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Mage
I think Seventh Star (Alliance) would work for you, I reckon they are mostly Chinese but there are also players from other places (english speaking). Not sure if they require chinese to join but I don't think so, very nice and kind people. You can also check Welcome (Horde), they have tons of rosters and groups for every time zone as far as I know, it might fit you.

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