[A] The Deadly Legacy (SOCIAL / WPVP)

Aryenne @ Kirin Tor
1 Human Priest
The Deadly Legacy is newly founded guild focusing of world pvp aspects of WoW. We are looking for bloodthirsty players who love ganking, endless pvp and endless fun.

I think it’s easiest to go through this idea with Q&A style.
TL;DR summary: Join us if you like ganking and you are experienced in PVP and interested in WPVP.

What is world pvp?

It’s everything from ganking to open world fights, guild wars and city raids.

What is The Deadly Legacy now?

Since the guild is still searching for first members and some of us are going to be low lvl, we’re just a social guild with hint of a bloodlust. We are looking for members who go by the phrase â€ÂWhat’s red is dead†meaning if you see a horde as you’re leveling and you think you could handle killing him, you do it.

If you can’t kill the horde, ask other guildies for help. Nothing too arranged or serious yet. We can form low lvl BG groups, Dungeon groups and quest together.

What is The Deadly Legacy in close future?

When we’re a little bit higher of level and members we start doing arranged assaults and ganking trips. We practise our pvp skills in battlegrounds with premade groups and train 1v1 by dueling. We have an active and social player base with great amount of fun also when we’re not doing wpvp.

What The Deadly Legacy aims for?

We aim for a proper WPVP scene on Dalaran WoW. We gank until we get resistance, we raid main cities until we face a horde raid. Then we’ll fight, rinse and repeat. We hope to see a similar guild or guilds raising to Horde side. We’d love to have a proper guild wars in open environment.

What The Deadly Legacy expects from you

- You are social. You are comfortable with communicating and chatting in guild chat and in voice chat. We need to get to know each other, recognize each other’s voices and communicate. No good pvp comes from silence. Be social apart from fights too - you might even get friends.
- You can speak and write understandable English.
- You have a working microphone and you can use voice chat softwares such as Dolby Axon and later on maybe Mumble or TeamSpeak. We’ll most likely use Dolby Axon in the beginning and change to other software as the numbers grow.

- You have at least basic knowledge in pvp and strong will to learn more. Example given: You know what to do when told to CC, peel or push. If you don’t know, you ask.
- You know your class and have proper PVP spec and talents and you know what are the important stats for you or at the least you bother enough to ask and find out.
- You know how to position yourself in a group and you know how to move in PVP.
- You understand that City Raids in terms of WPVP isn’t taking down the boss NPC’s. It’s killing all the opposing faction players who aren’t blueshielding. If we raid a city you won’t go ahead to poke Thrall or Sylvanas. That’s not our focus.

- You love ganking and WPVP in general. There’s no use for you be in a guild if you don’t want to kill hordes because that’s the whole idea of this guild.
- You fondle the idea of people fleeing from you just because you belong in a certain guild and you want to do your best to build the reputation. You carry your guild name with pride.
- You have Patience! We’ve just started and many of us are still leveling. It’s obvious that we can’t do full blown epic city raids yet but nobody is going to prevent you from killing hordes on your own or in a small group. The catchphrase for these following months is:
Spread the name. Build the reputation. Be lethal.
- No matter how goofball you are in general, you take fights seriously, you don’t troll around and get yourself or anyone else in your group killed just for â€Âlulzâ€Â.
- You have that little crazy a*hole in you. The one who will rush to an enemy in attempt to get as many killed as you can before they wipe you. You’re not afraid of being killed online. You don’t want it but you surely don’t stay behind when it’s time to fight.
- You want to train and learn.
- You are not an egoistic solo artist. You get that you’re not the only one playing your class in the guild and if you see a guild member with same class than you playing poorly you give him/her feedback without being afraid that he/she will eventually become better than you.
- Feedback makes us better players. If you are told that you screwed up and then explained why you screwed up you listen and try to evolve. If you can’t handle criticism and can’t admit your mistakes this guild is no place for you.
- You’re not a drama queen or a drama king. Nobody likes drama. No fights between the guild members.

What we will need in future:

- Target callers. Target caller is someone who is comfortable being loud and clear on whom he is focusing so others can assist them. As a target caller you have no problem spotting the main threats and biggest damage dealers in the opposing team. As a target caller you lead the dps and make sure they take down the right people as fast as possible.

- Vice leaders. People who are experienced in leading PVP, especially in WPVP. I can’t be online all the time and I’d rather actually focus on healing than actually leading the group so I’d love to get at least one Vice leader from Europe and from North America. These Vice leaders are the ones who see the bigger picture as the target caller focuses taking off one player at a time. As a vice leader you know when to push and when to pull back. You spot the good places to fight and understand when it’s time to stop. You can keep on track what other group members are doing and have no problem leading, guiding and giving feedback.

If you’re interested, give Aryenne a whisper or send me an ingame mail telling the times you’re available for interview and invitation.
Ps. If you have experience in retail WPVP in following EU realms: Outland, Sylvanas, Silvermoon or Defias Brotherhood, please include your most known character name and the name of the guild you’ve been a member of.

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