[US/EST] Deranged Souls recruiting new raiders

Phyeuz @ Kirin Tor

1 Orc Warrior
Edited by Phyeuz on 2015-12-17 05:55:54
Greetings friends. My name is Phyeuz and I'm looking to recruit a handful of raiders to commit to a core raiding group. I've played WoW from Vanilla to WoD, achieving high tier PvE achievements as well as 2500 in PvP during peak seasons. Myself and three other real-life friends are returning to Wrath to experience the community all over again and we want you to join our adventure. We only ask that you are active, sociable, friendly and knowledgeable over the PvE content of Wrath.

Currently, we are looking for anyone interested in raiding at 80 who is ABOVE level 70. You will experience Wrath with the help of the guild as you level, and gear side by side with us through dungeons, heroics and even raids once you achieve level 80.

Deranged Souls will be a mature guild, with a zero tolerance policy on cheating, ninjaing, grieving or any drama for that matter. Founding members are 22-25 years with previous experience to Wrath content. We want to have fun playing with all of you, but we will not tolerate bad manner.

Please feel free to leave a message below, and you will be contacted as soon as possible. I hope to raid with you soon! Cheers!

Krook @ Kirin Tor

1 Undead Rogue
Hey Phyeuz,

I am US/EST and have been looking for a guild to join. I read your post and your guild seems to be something along the lines of what I'm looking for. I also have been playing Wow from Vanilla to MoP. I am very knowledgeable of Wotlk expansion, dungeons, and raids. I would say that Wotlk was the peak of my Wow experience, that being the reason I sought out this server. Due to the burdens of real life, I am mostly active during week nights and weekends. If you are still looking for new member for your newly formed guild, I would like to be a part of it. Please contact me in game at your convenience.
Thank you.

Phyeuz @ Kirin Tor

1 Orc Warrior
Greetings Grotmek,

Thanks for your interest! I've sent in-game mail regarding your message. Looking forward to speaking with you!

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