New Player looking for Progressing Raiding Guild

Beregond @ Kirin Tor
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Hello there;
I'm fed up of the other WotLK server I've been playing (bugs are the main reason), so I would like to start in Dalaran. I don't take any differecens wether beign Horde or Alliance btw.

I am a very experienced raider in WotLK attaining He Feeds on Your Tears, Champion of Ulduar, The Undying, LK Heroic, Yogg+0 and TOC H 50 Tries remaining with my ex-hardcore fellas back in retail. Also I used to be the Raid Leader on Ulduar 25 during the whole patch 3.3 on the weekends to farm ironbound proto drake for friends and guildies and get all those massive and brilliant 70 achievements from Ulduar.

Today I don't have this time to be a hardcore raider, so I am looking for a raiding guild not hardocre nor casual (experienced and focused players would be cool) and that probably would run raids on weekends as my work during the week consumes most of my time.

I'm a Ulduar lover (as you could see) knowing by heart every single detail from each boss in Ulduar =D. I enjoy the others raids (Naxx, TOC) aswell. So it would be awesome to start with Naxx!
I don't care much on Gearscore, I believe with a good comp of skilled players everything can be done with fun and perfectly

Niniann @ Kirin Tor
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Hey there!

If you're lookin for a progression guild that raids on weekends in an in between hardcore and casual level, Paranoid sounds like a good place!

We are horde side, just starting Ulduar progression, and many of us are Wrath raiding vets.

Give myself, Arcc, or Clarevoyance a shout in game and we can fill ya in on more details.

PS: Welcome to Algalon! :D.

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