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Am I Benched, formerly Rocket Surgery on Alliance, is recruiting for ToGC 25. We are seeking dedicated players to progress in 25 man.


5/5 25 H (Mad Skill)
5/5 10 H (Insanity)

Raid Times

25 man on Saturday 7-11 pm Eastern (Midnight-4 am ST)
10 man on Wednesday 8-11 pm Eastern

Reasons to raid with us

We have many people that can play multiple classes at a high level. This means that if you need help with any raiding spec, several people can offer their expertise.

All 4 players who have raid-lead at a certain point for this guild do so with a calm demeanor. Should you mess up at any point, we will explain how to avoid mistakes instead of yelling or threatening with loot ban.

Our tanks have exceptional raid awareness, so you never have to endure the pain of losing damage because the worm is in the slime pool, or you can't pestilence the Jaraxxus portal.

What we expect from players

Ideally, applicants will have Ulduar 25 cleared for attunement, or can get attuned in the near future. Proper spec, gems, enchants, and the ability to attend the Saturday 25 man are a must. Beyond that, effective keybinding and using add ons to track buffs, debuffs, and DoTs are expected for optimal raid performance.

Classes in demand are as follows, although all viable raiding specs will be considered:

Disc Priest
MM Hunter
Frost DK

If interested, feel free to apply at or contact the players below:


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