Flamenco Sketches - casual hardmode raiding guild [A]

Feuerkind @ Kirin Tor
80 Dwarf Paladin
Edited by Feuerkind on 2016-06-15 23:52:17
Hello people of Dalaran-WoW,

we are still looking for fitting people to expand to 25-mans.

Recruiting everything but tanks and Holy Palas with Prot OS at the moment.

If you are wondering what this guild is about and what we expect from our members here is what you need to know:



PvE raiding

Raiding Times
Friday & Saturday at 11PM server time
more runs depending on peoples schedules, but usually about 2 more days during the week (also at 8 PM server time)

Naxxramas 10 / 25 - 15/15
The Obsidian Sanctum 10 - 1/1 3D
EoE 10 - 1/1
Ulduar 10 - 11/14 normal 1/9 hm

We are not raiding to acquire loot and we are not farming loot to make encounters easier.
Challenging content is the most fun to us. We do not like to wipe but we do not mind it. It is all about improving individually and as a team to overcome whatever bars our way.

Clearing every hardmode in a tier of raids before advancing to the next one to prevent us from simply outgearing them.
While doing so we are trying to build a small yet friendly and serious gaming community.
At the moment we are focussing on assembling the 25 man group. This will take a lot of time because we are going for quality over quantity. The people who actually become members have proven themselves to be reliable, solid and (mostly ;)) sociable players.

We try to keep gear level around what you would have had at that time in retail. Thus pugging content that has not been fully cleared yet is frowned upon.
Furthermore epic gems, which were introduced with ToC in retail, are also banned from raiding gear until we get there - as well as any BoE/crafted gear or gear enhancements from raid tiers we have not reached yet.

To get things started and for recruitment we agreed to fill up our raids with suitable pugs if needed.

We expect the following things from anyone applying:
Agree with the ideas stated above - we do not want anyone to be unhappy with restrictions or our way of doing things!
Be able to make at least the main raid
Level 80 with at least a few epic items

We are offering a small and friendly guild that is serious about beating tough content the original way without making it impossible to maintain a healthy real life. Our approach also ensures that we are fit for ICC hardmodes when they come out.

If you are interested in joining please contact Rebus, Katzuma, Zaekina, Usrinterface or Duvia or most other people you can find online in our guild for an invite as a trial or head to

- Rebus

Uracinvites @ Kirin Tor
1 Blood Elf Warlock
any chance you need a hunter dps ? lvl 80 ;0

Feuerkind @ Kirin Tor
80 Dwarf Paladin
Yes, we do. If you fulfill the requirements just talk to either of us (preferably Rebus) ingame and we shall see if our guild and you are made for each other :-)

Feuerkind @ Kirin Tor
80 Dwarf Paladin
We finally managed to kill OS3d 10 man. Off to Ulduar it is now! For we shall not advance to ToC before No light :-)

Zayá @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Mage
I like your policy of getting the raid achievements/hardmodes in a well organized 10man group, plus your raiding times look good.

Hopefully, you can make use of another paladin (open for all specs but preferably ret)

I will try to talkt to you online, today I only saw a new member of yours online.


btw: ger

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