[EU][H] Looking for a raiding guild

Shadovvs @ Kirin Tor
1 Blood Elf Paladin
Edited by Shadovvs on 2016-03-31 19:30:50
The main reason I came to Dalaran-WoW is to experience all of WOTLK content. I want to raid with people that do so for the fun of it (not just gear). The most interesting part of WoW to me is progression, so I am not looking to get carried through raids.

I am looking for a guild (preferably a new progression guild) with a free main tank/off tank (paladin) position for raiding.

The main thing I am looking for in a guild is weekly full guild runs of Naxxramas + Obsidian Sanctum (in the beginning) and later Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader.

- My timezone: CET – Central European Time (CEST – Central European Summer Time - Daylight Saving Time)
- Languages: English, Serbian
- This is my first character on Dalaran-WoW
- I have not done any raiding on Dalaran-WoW

Server: Dalaran-WoW - Algalon
Faction: Horde
Class: Paladin

My Gear:
- [ms] Protection => BiS pre-raid gear fully enchanted and gemmed (mix of ilvl200 rare and epic items, GS 3538)
- [os] Retribution => most of the gear is ilvl200 rare and epic with a few lvl78 items (GS 3365)
- [os] Holy => /

- Blacksmithing (max)
- Mining (max)

Previous raiding experience on other private servers:
- Healer/DPS Shaman on MoltenWoW (before the crash) Cataclysm server
o The Bastion of Twilight
o Dragon Soul
- DPS Mage on MoltenWoW (before the crash) WOTLK server
o Icecrown Citadel

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