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just joined this server recently and I'm in search of a guild. Preferably PvE / Raiding / Social.

I'm 21 and mature in case that's a requirement for any guilds. Also have pretty extensive raid experience.

I live in the U.S., Eastern time zone. Schedule is pretty flexible and I can usually get on at any time if needed.

Character names -- Businesscat, Metalgrid. Those will be my two main characters. One is a druid, thinking of becoming a resto and the other one is a warrior that I'm going to focus on tanking with.

I have a mic as well as TS3.

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No one's replying Q.Q

Zerk @ Kirin Tor
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There are topics on this forum about the PvE guilds you're asking about. Browse, contact and decide, or go ingame and "sniff" around. If it is a raiding guild, you'd have to apply anyway. Advert is there. People appreciate initiative.

I mean, if you'd want ppl to contact YOU, you'd have to make an impressive post, listing your experience and idk what, but what that looks like could be discussed, since most such posts are more than just lacking, and yours atm sure does.

The point being, browse guilds, make contact and get your decision set. GL.

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You can join my guild
We are all old players that startet on this server this week to raid 10 man. we are in need of a few people for future raiding

- /w Shamsa , Drooda or Thiffy

Lipsandclits @ Kirin Tor
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I think your best bet is just playing and keeping an eye on global chat for guilds recruiting...for some reason most players are not active on the forums.

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