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Darkorange @ Kirin Tor

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Good evening, rat slayers of Algalon!

The bounty hunter has been renamed to Infamous and we are looking for more members who crave infamy and dishonor!

Our main focus as a guild is World PvP and the events around it, "removing part about RBG teams, that shit doesn't exist no more.. keep on reading"

The purpose of this guild, is to become an extremely annoying and hated guild among the horde rats! We do not play by the rules! We gank everyone we find, no matter how weak or strong they are! We won't back down until we hear keyboards getting smashed to pieces and see accounts being deleted!
The horde is our only enemy, and we do not treat them with kisses and kindness.

The guild has several ranks to reflect each players attitude and motivation.
The church boys are those who are new to guild, and have not yet earned enough dishonor to become an approved rat slayers.
The spiteful rank is for people who show motivation by installing the guild requied addon; Rat patrol and gank one rat to approve that it is functional.
The Cruel rank is for the dedicated people whom we see are ganking rats often, also joining our events and generally live by the guild core values.
The Vicious rank is for the most notorious rat slayers! The few that do what they can to obliterate and dismember the horde rats! ruining their game experience by killing auctioneers, intercepting raid summons, ganking over and over!

We accept all levels and classes! We only require that you are interested in World PvP and that you are not comfortable with having the Church boy rank!

What are the benefits?
You can withdraw 30gold each day from the guild bank from rank spiteful and above.
Church boys and alts only have free repair.
Guild bank is filled with leveling gear, blues and epics for most classes and a huge level range, you may take what you need.
We organize the best and most unique events on the server! utilizing addons to make the events more interesting and fun, aswell as throwing gold at the players winning the event.

If you think this sounds interesting, throw a whisper to me or NONE of the officers; I am all alone.

Hail and Kill!
Darkorange, Guild Master

Darkorange @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Rogue
Edited by Darkorange on 2016-09-05 10:08:21
We are doing quite a few events in the guild, and I will take some time to explain them here.

Hit'N'Run: Competition/race suitable for level 40+
This is an event where the objective is to kill a certain amount of rats depending your character level, in different zones. The kills required will be 1 if you are level 60 or below, 2 if you are between 61-70 and 3 if you are level 71 and higher.
Once the event starts, I will call out a zone, ex Dustwallow marsh. Players must then race to that zone and kill the required amount of rats. The level of the horde rat does not matter, and the player may use any skill or items in his possession in order to travel to the zone as fast as possible.
When a player has obtained the required amount of kills needed for the zone, he will win 300gold. I will immediately call out a new zone, ex Zangarmarsh, and all players will have to move there asap to get the required kills there. Event usually last over 5 zones, and if there are players under level 60, they will be given a zone for themselves if an outland or northrend zone is called. Everyone will be in the same raid group, but will not be cooperating as it is the killing blow on the rat that counts.

Happy Hour: suitable for all levels
During Happy hour, every single rat kill award 25gold! Players may choose the zone they want to be in, but it has to be WPvP and not WG/BG. Gold cap will most likely be 500 gold per competitor.

AH Takeover: suitable for level 70+, open for non guildmembers aswell
We form a raid with around 15-20 people, the more the better!
We travel to durotar, buff up, hold motivational war speech, and the we run into Orgrimmar AH. We will then defend the AH at all costs. The rats will first be scared to death, and only the most stupid rats will begin to bite us, only to get slaughtered within seconds. after a few rat corpserun, they will go to their queen and form a raid which will increase in size over time. We will do our best to hold the AH for as long as we can! this event required a few healers, aswell as a warlock so we can summon reinforcements and slackers who couldn't make it to durotar and missed the motivational speech.
The event lasts until we are all dead, and the rats have outnumbered us so hard that we have no chance of survival!

Rat Massacre: Killing Spree race, suitable for 60+
When the event starts, I will call out several zones depending on how many competitors that are attending. If there are 5 competitors I may call out 8 zones, ex Tanaris, Dustwallow, 1k Needles, Ashenvale, Feralas, STV, Zangarmarsh, Borean Tundra. Players will choose the zone they want, but one zone can not contain more than one player.
The goal is to obtain a killing spree of 15 without dying! If a player dies, he will need to start over. Once a 10 killing streak is obtained, player is free to travel to other zones to obtain the last kills required. The first person to obtain a 15 kill spree will win alot of gold

Gank Train: suitable for everyone
The good old gank train going from ex Darkshore to Tanaris. We form a raid and gank everything we see. The train will stop for coffee and toiletbreak in splintertree post, X-roads, Durotar, Ratchet etc. This is a casual fun event, and there are no gold to be won, only negative reputation with the horde rats!

Those are the current events I've come up with as for now. I might try to figure out more events in the future. If you find these events interesting and you enjoy WPvP, give me a shout for a guild invitation. If I am not online, you may ask Officer Kallemera, Worull or Kuuc.

Most of the events require the addon Rat Patrol in order for me to be able to track killing blows and killing sprees in guild chat.

Darkorange, Guild Master

Birger @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Mage

Darkorange @ Kirin Tor

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We've had some successful events the last few days!
We have had several field trips to Orgrimmar Trade center where we slaid all the rats and took auctioneers and bankers as hostage! We also had a delicious cake party inside AH while we waited for someone to defend. Yesterday, sadly, the little horde boys didn't dare to fight us, so in the end, we just killed their little boy thrall. He cried like a little bitch when we decapitated him.

We felt kinda let down that the horde didn't bother to fight us, so we had to figure out a way to force them. We picked up a rumour about an Onyxia25 raid currently gathering, so we head out to Ratwallow marsh and hid in the mountains around raid entrance, waiting for the first PvE rats to come out of their rat holes around the summoning stone. It was a great success, intercepting their little cheese party. We probably prevented them from entering the raid for a good 15 minutes before they all managed to get in :)

Another Raid Interceptor Squad also intercepted a graveyard flight after a repeated thaddius wipe. It's great new for us to see that the horde rats can't even down easy bosses like Thaddius. I don't know if it was because of Thaddius or The Raid Interceptor Squad that made the little naxx raid disband, but whatever the cause, we had great fun killing rats who desperately tried to join their fellow vermin inside the Naxx :)

There will me lots of events in the upcoming days, and I will whisper every single level 80 who are not currently busy raiding etc. I do wish to apologize if I double whisper a few of you, it is not easy to lure out all the rat loving dalaran huggers for some WPvP fun ;D but it is necessary to keep asking, since only 20% of you bother to read the global trash can.

Darkorange, Guild Master

Darkorange @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Rogue
Make Infamous Great Again

Uthred @ Kirin Tor
1 Human Warrior
Hunt, Kill, Slaughter, Camp!

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