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Dalaran's Progressive Guild (Horde, NA>EU), and its unlocked sub-guild Vanilla, is recruiting members. Levels 1-60 accepted.
**Now looking for EU players to organize raids for EU members - contact for details of promotion**

We are a close-knit guild working up the content of each phase (Vanilla, TBC, WotLK) progressively with their respective level caps. For example, is capped at level 60.
We plan to progress to TBC+, via our sister guilds, once we are farming AQ40 with ease: vanilla-fanatics are welcomed to stay in the Vanilla world, if preferred, since each will stay active.

A raid example would be our legitimate 8-man clearance of MC (see image below).

Some people haven't really had experience with Vanilla content, others haven't played WoW since Vanilla, and, still, others just like the idea of progressing in a way to get the full of experience of the game.

We raid twice-thrice per week with NA times on weekday and weekend evenings (typically 7 PM CST on Sundays/Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays).

Search the word "Vanilla" under the "Who" tab function to find, and get in contact with, current members (if they are lower than 60 and the name is not related to the search term, chances are they are in our guild) and request an invite and/or details from one of our senior members.

VOIP client
We use Discord for raids and general intra-guild communication.

Join us in our progression!

More information...
Our Site:

Our Rules
- Level 60 cap (stopped at the Experience Eliminator).
- No BC+ gear during guild raids.
- No gear from shop that offers stats.
- No honor transfers for BG gear.
- No profession items above 300

Our Ranks
- The King (GM)
- The Hand (Co-GM)
- Lo.rd (GM alts)
- Maes.ter (officers, guild administrative roles)
- Sellswrd (officer alts)
- General (raider+, raid leading roles)
- Knight (raider)
- Squire (member. levels 51-60)
- Peasant (initiate, levels 1-50)
- Bastard (temporary, shamed rank)

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