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Relaxnshadow @ Kirin Tor
11 Night Elf Hunter
the fellowship is a multi-purpose guild with a primary focus on pve content. and we are looking to expand our team of raiders. if you aren't currently raiding or just starting out even, we except you into the guild as well.

the fellowship is a alliance based guild with members from both us and eu, but primarily eu. we have a website, ts server for raiding, and a discord server(used for basic communication outside raids). we have cleared naxx and on ulduar where are current progression is 8/14 as of now, but subject to change.

we except all players regardless of gearscore or skill level into our ranks, but to be a raider you must know the basics of how to play your class and what your doing. you would be expected to sign up for raiding events on our website and be online on time and ready for action. you are also required to be on ts, however if you dont have a mic that is fine, you only need to be on to hear instructions.

and yes, as per the name suggest, we have a love for lord of the rings. however you dont need to be a lore buff on lotr, nor do you even have to love it. the fellowship has references to lotr though. from our tabard design, to our website, to rank names.

we are a friendly laid back guild of mature players. our door is always open, all you gotta do is speak friend to open. *ahem* lotr joke. to get a invite you can simply pm me ingame. toons being: relaxn, relaxnshdowx. as well as you can pm anyone else from the guild by using /who and typing fellowship and sorting by guild. tell them relaxn sent you from the ad on the forums.

if you want to know more about the guild you can go to our website and check the forums for the guild info @

thanks for reading.

Akka @ Kirin Tor
1 Human Rogue
Edited by Akka on 2016-12-16 18:10:01
just a head-up : your site address has a typo in the post.
it's "", without the " - " between "dalaran" and "wow" :p

Relaxnshadow @ Kirin Tor
11 Night Elf Hunter
hey! thanks totally didnt notice this. yes, our website is actually thanks for the correction! :p

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