Second Era - Survey update.

Malkavia @ Kirin Tor
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Edited by Malkavia on 2019-10-20 18:29:38

Thank you for your participation in the Survey, we are truly glad to see how many of you want to voice up their opinion.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage respect when having a debate; discussing the points is the key to understand the idea as well as to reach a conclusion about it.

It is very soon to tell as the survey has only been up for a day. However, the results are very tied at the moment and we want to let you know that, in order to go ahead with this idea we would need the vast majority to prefer the Second Era, it wouldn't make sense otherwise.

In the meanwhile, we are planning to post a compendium of questions/answers from the suggestions and opinions received.


Dailynews @ Kirin Tor

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Edited by Dailynews on 2019-10-20 02:40:26
When will you show the results of the first Survey, as you promised?

Multiboxing @ Kirin Tor

1 Gnome Rogue

So let's say you have a character with only 200 or higher gear.
Will he just become naked when 2nd Era comes out? Do you plan on replacing the lost gear with let's say 170 or something?

Gárgola @ Kirin Tor
6 Draenei Priest
I would suggest to make an open thread with Q&A as soon as possible where people can post their questions there and hopefully get their answers "regularly". This can improve communication and save you time replying individually to the same questions privately.

Panofsky @ Kirin Tor
10 Night Elf Warrior

I suppose the char will be naked since all its gear will be stored in the Vault of Eras. If you don't want to be naked, farm some ilvl 187 items and save them in the bags/bank. Time to farm some mighty normal dungeons.

Deathdealer @ Kirin Tor
of the Ashen Verdict

80 Dwarf Death Knight
LOL ...

Malkavia @ Kirin Tor
Staff Member
Hello again,

About the previous survey, we never mentioned we would post the results as the intention was for us to have an approximated idea about the overall tendency from our player base since we could not rely everything on the private suggestions we were receiving. We said, however: "We would also like to share a reflexion about the previous Survey's results. It looks like our community liked both The Soft Reset and the new realm similarly and there is a small fraction that wishes to keep everything as it is right now."

The Q&A we are preparing is based on the suggestions and questions we are receiving through the Survey, emails, and tickets. We will keep updating it and people will be able to participate right there if their doubts are not yet resolved.


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