Holy Paladin - Algalon Focused Guide

Alcibiades @ Kirin Tor

80 Human Paladin
Comprehensive Holy Paladin Guide – Algalon

I. Introduction
II. Throughput vs Output
III. Spec
IV. Glyphs
V. Gems
VI. Stats
VII. Spells
VIII. FoL vs HL Healadins
IX. Tips on how to manage

I. Introduction
Hello everyone, this Daphene, back for a Healadin guide! I know there's plenty of guides out there, but the Holy Paladin has a special place in my heart, and I wanted to do a guide myself :)

So, I've only raided about a fourth of Wrath content on a Holy Paladin (I've done more in Cataclysm) but I always wanted to main one so I've kept in touch with the spec. I hope this guide will prove useful to you and/or your teammates; please comment!

II. Throughput vs Output
It's important to understand these two concepts, especially in the face of an “eternally progressive†server – Algalon. If you fully comprehend these concepts you will have the tools you need to adapt at all levels of gear/gameplay.

Output refers to the amount of mass healing you can chunk out in a few seconds. Output tends to eat into your mana more as you put more points into output stats. Crit, haste and (to a lesser extent) spell power are output stats.

As you read through this guide, keep in mind that Throughput > Output until your mana is always comfortable. Output is a luxury concept. However, if you have so much throughput that you have 75% of your mana left by the end of 90% boss fights, you probably have too much
throughput and could be more effective with more output.

III. Spec
Holy: 51
5/5 Spiritual Focus
3/3 Healing Light, 5/5 Divine Intellect
5/5 Illumination, 2/2 Improved Lay on Hands
2/2 Improved Blessing of Wisdom, 2/2 Blessed Hands
1/1 Divine Favor, 3/3 Sanctified Light
5/5 Holy Power
3/3 Light's Grace, 1/1 Holy Shock
5/5 Holy Guidance
1/1 Divine Illumination, 5/5 Judgements of the Pure
2/2 Infusion of Light
1/1 Beacon of Light

Protection: 2
2/5 Divinity

Retribution: 18
5/5 Benediction
3/3 Heart of the Crusader, 2/2 Improved Blessing of Might
5/5 Conviction
3/3 Sanctity of Battle

Some people put 20 points into Protection for Divinity, Divine Sacrifice/Guardian and Imp Dev Aura. I don't recommend that build for low levels of gear as it puts a greater strain on your mana pool. As you gear up through Algalon I think those will become more viable. The only time you will really want to go this route is when you're in a 25 man raid with no pally tank and no tree – this is not very likely to happen. However, if you do find yourself needing to put 20 points into Prot, pick up Imp RF. After Imp Dev Aura and DS/DG. The 6% damage reduction is going to save you more pain than anything else. This does assume, however, that your tanks are on top of their game and are not going to lose aggro. If this is not the case, don't take it.

The mana you save from Benediction, the throughput you get from the crit talents (via Illumination refunds, see X. Numbers for more info) and the output you get from the crits themselves all make 18 points in Retribution more worthwhile, at least at low gear levels, and 10ms, and any time you already have a Prot Pally.

This is my personal preference, however. As a Holy Paladin you will always be getting more mana from replenishment effects than from your crits, so if you want to put the 3 Sancity of Battle points into Divinity, feel free to do so.

Within Holy, I could see moving 3/3 Light's Grace into Aura Mastery and/or Enlightened Judgements as those can both be useful talents. I don't pick up Aura Mastery just because I like other talents (such as Improved Lay on Hands) more. Aura Mastery is an awesome talent, is a must on several raid-wide burst effects. I will probably pick it up soon, dropping 1 point in Improved Hands. I like my build, I think it is the best most of the time, but if you have other ideas please share them :)

IV. Glyphs
I use the Glyphs of Seal of Light, Beacon of Light and Holy Light. I'm always been torn between using Glyph of Seal of Light or Glyph of Seal of Wisdom. I love the +5% flat increase to healing on Seal of Light, and theoretically you want to be able to use this Glyph as it will increase your healing potential.

I've changed my tune on this almost 100%. Why? Because Healadins are mana hungry sobs. I very much doubt you will NOT have mana issues pre-Ulduar (or Ulduar Heroic) while casting any significant amount of Holy Lights. On Holy Light alone, GoSoW saves you ~60 mana per cast – that's effectively 120 Mp5 while casting. Also, this Glyph works in conjunction with Sacred Shield, which GoSoL does not. And if you oom you can smack the boss with your hammer a bit to get an easy 800 mana back for every few whacks.

Especially at low gear levels it's more important to cast 5% more spells (getting +5% chances to save people from death) than to cast spells 5% larger that very well might end up over-healing.

Either way you go, one of the two Seal Glyphs is mandatory. Pick one, I recommend GoSoW until you're mana is nowhere near becoming a problem.

Always snag the minor Glyph of Lay on Hands to decrease its CD.
I don't recommend GoHS, see section VII. Spells as to why.
I strongly recommend GoBoL – it gives you a free Beacon duration every 3 minutes of up-time.
Use GoHL if you're focusing on intellect. FoL if you're going for SP.
If you're going to be a Flash of Light Paladin, swap GoHL for GoFoL.

V. Gems
Intellect is king! (Unless you're an accursed FoL pally). In early (and end) gear the brilliant gems will be your best friends. Some socket bonuses will be worth getting, but quite a few bonuses wont be as good as that 10 extra intellect. With all the haste buffs you get from talents and your raid, you should be able to soft-cap your haste with 676 haste rating. Don't try to gem for this, but if you're close to it already you can throw a few intel/haste gems in there to hit the threshold.

VI. Stats
100 intellect gives you:
121 Intellect (with talents + buffs)
1815 bonus Mana
37.8 Mp5 from Divine Plea (if used off CD)
18.1 Mp5 from Replenishment.
(4.5 Mp5 from Arcane Torrent)
24.2 Spell Power
0.726% Spell Crit

Critical Chance:
100 Crit gives you:
2.17% Crit
Via Illumination, Refunds = [.3(base cost of spell times number of casts)] x (crit%).
Essentially, when you assume chain-casting Holy Light, 1% crit (45.91 rating) = ~14.3 Mp5, which means that 1 crit rating = ~ .31Mp5

Spell Power:
Everywhere I've read on 3.3.5 I've read that 1 SP rating = 1.166 Spell Power; I have yet to verify this.

After all the raid buffs, you need 20.6% haste (676 rating) to hit the soft cap. After the soft cap only HL will benefit from haste, so don't gear/gem past 676 if you're an accursed FoL pally.

Intellect is by far your best stat, and Gems are the only real way to boost it so chunk as many Brilliant gems in as you can. Intellect focused Healadin is the only viable option pre-3000+ SP unbuffed IMO.

Alcibiades @ Kirin Tor

80 Human Paladin
VII. Spells
Holy Light – receives 188.5% of your spell power. Early on be careful of how much you spam this, when burst is incoming try to pre-cast it so it arrives just after the burst.

Flash of Light – receives 113% of your spell power. Your filler spell that is very efficient.

Holy Shock – garbage healing spell both in terms of throughput and output. Only use it when on the move. In conjunction with Divine Favor it can be used in mobile hotspots to spot heal. When healing regularly, avoid it like the plague.

Sacred Shield – puts a buff on the target that gives them a bubble when they take damage. The bubble makes your FoL hot them. The Absorb effect receives 75% SP.

Beacon of Light – puts a buff on a target that redirects other heals within 60 yards to it.

Avenging Wrath – increases damage and healing by 20%; offsets healing reduction of Divine Plea by 10%

Divine Plea – gain 25% mana over 12s. Have a macro for this spell that lets you easily remove it when you need to – you should never have this spell up when you need to cast several Holy Lights. Here's the macro.

Aura Mastery – really a must have talent in 25s, debatable for 10s.

Divine Favor – Next heal will crit. Use this with HL as a pre-cast to almost instantly put a tank back to full HP. Use it (only on non-tank-getting-burstedAF fights) with Holy Shock for more instant healing.

Divine Illumination – 50% reduced mana cost to spells. Know when you're going to need to chain heal some Holy Lights and save this spell for that. Don't save it (or any CD) too long unless absolutely necessary as you lose a lot of potential by hanging onto them.

Judgment of Wisdom/Light – you really should make sure one of these is up on the boss at all times in 25s. In 10s you can spare a second or two to refresh it. Judgement of Light will heal for several thousand HPS in 25 ICC.

VIII. FoL vs HL Healadins
Essentially, don't bother going for the FoL build if you are below 3200 SP unbuffed.
Flash of Light Paladins gives you larger heals, less mana and a better Sacred Shield. You want to keep 4/5 Tier 9 for the FoL HoT bonus, so this style becomes outdated. Also, you don't want to do this style if you're the only Holy Paladin in the raid. However, in 25s – especially Heroic Ulduar – this style is a godsend for raids since you get to spot heal the raid very effectively while healing your beacon target.

IX. Tips on how to manage
If you went the Divine Guardian route in Prot use this
/cancelaura Divine Sacrifice
/cast Divine Sacrifice
Double click this to cast Divine Guardian but remove the raid-wide Hand of Sacrifice effect that could easily kill you.

Divine Plea Macro:
/cancelaura Divine Plea
/cast Divine Plea
This will make you cast Divine Plea if not up, and cancel it if it is whenever you click it.

Here's a fun space saver for buffing:
#showtooltip Greater Blessing of Wisdom
/cast [button:1] Blessing of Wisdom
/cast [button:2] Greater Blessing of Wisdom
This same format for macro can be re-applied for any buff. Enjoy!
Beacon of Light:
If no tanks are taking damage, put it on yourself – or a raid member taking heavy damage – and heal the raid.
If one tank is taking damage, put it on him and heal the raid.
If two tanks are taking damage, put it on one and heal the other.

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide,
I know it's a little clumpy and not fully fleshed out, so please give me all the feedback you can. Good luck on Algalon!

Highness @ Kirin Tor
55 Human Paladin
I love you.

Kiara @ Kirin Tor

76 Human Paladin
it would be nice to see a pre-naxx gear guide for gearing up for 10 mans. im pretty sure im pre-naxx BiS so i can help you with a list of items and where to get them

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