holy pala pve

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i like keeping my tread short, also i know i am realy bad at gramar, but this guide should cover all basis about holy pala pve. if u wana know more or have some question post in reply and i will answer it asap.

what can i tell u about holy pala :D as i think all know so far u need to stack intelect. about other tributes holy pala need around 800 haste. that will get your flash light to 1 sec cast time. most important stat for holy pala is crit. if u don't want to oom fast u need at least 45% crit for pve unbufed. for example fuly bufed i have 870 haste and 65% crit so i am almost always above 35k mana. about set parts, 4 set t10 bonus for holy pala sucks a lot, so my sugestion is head/sholder only from t10 set. 2 set t10 bonus is realy good especialy when u are in long combats like sindy/lk/halion. u can make great combo with t10 2 set bonus and Meteorite Crystal ( ) which is imo best trinket for holy pala. as second trinket i sugest int trinket for 50 eots. bis chest drops from rotface, pants drop from vdw, cloack,boots and waist( mail waist is bis) drop from rs 25, wrist drop from bpc, shield from marovgar, and weapon either from lk 25 or legendary mace from ulduar. since holy pala get his mana from criticals you need only around 250 mp5. now 1 of most importan things :D librams. there are only 3 good libram. eof libram that give you spel power on each holy shock cast, pvp libram + 500 spel power for flash light and emblem of heroisam libram that give -113 mana per holy light cast. which one to use depend purely on stile of healing.
glyph of holy light, glyph of beacon of light and glyph of seal of light.

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Please link me a wrist that drops from BQL ^^ You prolly either meant the one from BPC or one of the 2 crit/ haste wrists from RS 25, leather one got more Crit, Cloth one more Haste.
But a nice overview on endgame Holy Paladins.

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i meant from bpc plate wrist, i know rs is better but is not plate, and i kinda don;t like using non plate items

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It's not about your grammar, but your punctuation. Try using line breaks, commas and any form of enumeration more often, possibly in a way that results in a structured output.


P.S.: Oh wait, a rogue, nvm.

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