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Ecais @ Kirin Tor

1 Blood Elf Mage
So my buddy and I are both on the other server as level 70's(Frost Mage and Prot Paladin), and he's having a tough time tanking as a Prot, beginning to think he is a failure and such.

Can anyone give him and me a Guide on Prot Tanking? I think he likes his class, just doesn't know what he's doing.

Avia @ Kirin Tor
10 Blood Elf Paladin
First of all (good)Mages cause major threat, especially when not using the talent to lower threat, so losing threat to a mage is common issue
Also there are many things other classes in a group can do to 'support' a tank, sadly the majority won't bother (they just gotta own that recount log)

If engaging a group of mobs and a DPS is nuking a mob and gets aggro, tank taunts mobs starts running to tank but DPS keeps nuking that mob and grabs aggro again, tanks taunts again, DPS keeps nuking grabs back aggro and dies, is that a tank's fault?

If a group attacks everything in a group of mobs except the main target of the tank and so eventually people take aggro is that a tanks fault?

If a DPS DK has a taunt in his rotation, can you blame a Tank for not holding it together?

If supporting roles fail to spellsteal, ward against fear, ignore dungeon/raid mechanics etc etc is the tank to blame?

So i'm guessing at least a big part it's not all his fault
Just keep the proper rotation, keep eye on whos taking threat and keep your two taunts ready available for that and do not give up

A guide, is not all you need, teamwork goes a long way ;)

Always keep Righteous Fury up,Seal of Vengeance/Corruption on single targets, Seal of Command on multi targets and keep your rotation

A guide that helped me a lot when i started tanking:

A little sidenote: i think Tanks and Healers are underrated classes, if they do excellent jobs usually nobody says anything, but when the slightest things go wrong it's either the Tank or the Healer who is at fault

And "dmn doodz look at that l33t deepz i just pulled against that mob, you guys all noobz, i rock"

Edzero @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Priest
Edited by Edzero on 2015-09-25 17:23:14
The warmane guide is good but it's pretty large for a beginner.

Basically keep Righteous Fury up with either Seal of Command or Seal of Vengeance up. Use Divine Plea when possible to keep mana up. The tank should use Blessing of Sanctuary on himself too.

Taunt macro:

/cast [@mouseover, exists, help] Righteous Defense; [help] Righteous Defense; [@mouseover, exists, harm] Hand of Reckoning; Hand of Reckoning

It will use Righteous Defense if the mouse is over an ally who has taken aggro or Hand of Reckoning on an enemy.

Basic tanking macro that can be used:

/castsequence reset=combat/8 consecration, hammer of the righteous, holy shield, shield of righteousness, judgement of Light, hammer of the righteous, consecration, shield of righteousness, holy shield, hammer of the righteous, judgement of Light, shield of righteousness

That covers the basic rotation. It's a bit different from the typical tanking macro for paladins but it works well.

For opening attacks on enemies, use Hand of Reckoning on the enemy before going into pull range so that it deals damage to the enemy, then cast Avenger's Shield at them.

What exactly is he struggling with? Staying alive or keeping aggro?

Vepar @ Kirin Tor

80 Blood Elf Paladin
Edited by Vepar on 2015-09-25 18:21:56
Paladins dont get Divine Plea until lvl 74 (i think) which makes mana a bit more annoying.
To compensate Take 2/2 in Spiritual Attunement, and maybe even get it Glyphed.
Your other Glyph should be Hammer or The Righteous to hit 4 targets with it.
As for your Seal Keeping Seal of Corruption all the time is just as good As swapping between Corruption and Command (Hammer of the Righteous hits 4 Targets and Applies a stack of Corruption on each target which gives u just as much threat as a Seal of Command).... if u are good at target swapping and can get a few stacks on all targets it will far surpass Seal of Command.

As for surviving There isnt really much u can do. keep Holy Shield and Sacred Shield up on yourself at all times, use Judgement of light, And gear for Tanking. the rest is up to your healer.

And as Cewtypie asked, what is your problem? threat or survivability? If u tell us which we can give u more precise tips

Huin @ Kirin Tor
1 Tauren Druid
Honestly when I was tanking with my lvl 74 paladin I just pressed all buttons like derp and it worked. Maybe heirlooms helped ?

Idk, keep rf up, keep consec up, spam every button. If the same guy is always taking aggro switch on his target and get your taunts & stun ready, and salv him on bosses. And use hammer finisher on low life mobs.

You can also spend that damage buff to get some more threat, but be careful cause you can't use panic buttons on yourself for 30 seconds then.

Daft @ Kirin Tor

12 Human Priest
*sneaks it*
Big Hint, Seal Swap, help your group/raid with self heals, mana regen, aoe threat or single target dps threat..


Panofsky @ Kirin Tor
13 Night Elf Warrior
O.T.: oh boy, I've witnessed lvl 80 prot paladins tanking with seal of wisdom because they didn't know their divine plea shoulld be activated before engaging the combat, to be refreshed with the appropriate talent.

Just goggle a prot paladin tanking guide and your friend will improve his skills. The rotation is quite simple, and keep in mind that some limits will be passed by when he will reach the lvl cap.

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