Seal of Command

Vystor @ Kirin Tor
1 Blood Elf Paladin
Hello there. So I have started the argument on /global this morning about Seal of Command being viable or not.

Let's quote the Seal itself from

All melee attacks deal [0.36*mw] to [0.36*MW] additional Holy damage. When used with attacks or abilities that strike a single target, this additional Holy damage will strike up to 2 additional targets. Lasts 30 min.

To my understanding of English, it works in two aspects.
1. ALL MELEE ATTACKS deal X dmg. That means rightclicks. Same as Seal of Righteousness.
2. Every ability or attacks that strike a single target deals X dmg to 2 targets near the victim /let's call it cleave for futher reference/.

My point was that SoC if great for AoE tanking, AoE threat generating and AoE dps in general, that includes trash packs, lvling and heroics. Mainly because single target abilities like SoR, Avenger, HotR and Judgement should proc the cleave on nearby targets, meaning that the dps from hammer and shield specially should go over the top, since eg. throwing hammer into pack of 4 would proc seal 4x2 times, just from single GCD.

It got bashed for neglecting the 'all melee attacks' part, which, according to global, it means that it should proc off only melee abilities like crusader or storm. I have no idea how it works on this server, but to my knowledge form Sunwell and ToD, Seal of Command should proc on shield throws, judgements and hammers. That is is why it is such a great aoe seal, making the 11 points in Retribution tree worth it.

And yea, if you have the time to stack SoCorruption 5 times on each mob then it would deal more dps, but I was taught that SoCommand is AoE, SoCorrption - bosses and single dps.

Bladesong @ Kirin Tor
80 Night Elf Warrior
That's right. Seal of Command is for AoE, Seal of Vengeance / Blood is for single target. Yup. That's where it begins and ends.

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