ret pally

Kaydeya @ Kirin Tor

9 Orc Warrior
curious does the ret pally have a revive and interupt i seem to be dumbfounded and cant find them

Tarpor @ Kirin Tor

10 Blood Elf Paladin
has revive, called Redemption, gotta do a quest probably.
doesn't have an interrupt. There's an interrupt mechanic on Hammer of Justice though.

Savj @ Kirin Tor
1 Human Rogue
Edited by Savj on 2016-12-11 09:31:00
You dont have a 'literal' interrupt on a ret pally.
You do have Hammer of Justice(stun) ; Repent (sleep) ; Blood Elf racial (silence) ; Holy Wrath (aoe stun) and Turn Evil (fear).. last 2 will work only on undead or demon targets, including enemy player pets. You can also interupt with random stun procs using Seal of Justice. thats about it

and as for revive, you get "Redemption" skill by doing a quest chain, which starts i belive in Goldshire at the Paladin Trainer, should be something similar to it if you are Horde.

Niniann @ Kirin Tor
1 Blood Elf Priest
Hammer of justice will interrupt on things that cannot be stunned.

Deathstep @ Kirin Tor
4 Dwarf Paladin
Or seal of justice.


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