Fix fear pathing and demon commands

Insigniak @ Kirin Tor

2 Gnome Warlock
Fear pathing is ridicoulously bugged especially in arena where the feared target teleports around you and you cant set up your dots cuz all of a sudden you get the los error message which is really game breaking in pvp, also focus pet commands are bugged where you execute the macro for focus seduce and it pops out an error message saying that the target is in los or its out of range where the pet should follow the order by going to the focus target and execute the macro, works on every well scripted server like that, let me just say i've played on this server 3 months after release then encountered these bugs and stopped playing cuz it's really game breaking especially for pvp, i returned a week back and the same problems are occurring still. I mean come on don't you have time to look into this stuff? Thats why no one plays lock on high mmr not mentioning other huge pvp game breaking class bugs like elemental shamans thunderstorm not knocking back people from the bridge in blades edge cuz they get stuck on the little edge of the bridge when they should be knocked back in a parabolic manner meaning a little bit in the air and then back not back in a straight line and grounding totems not eating spells with travel time after those spells have been casted i mean cmon, you have a pretty well populated pvp player base why don't you fix these things, i know that it's a pve oriented server but it's pvp enabled and ppl want to play seriously and competitively (which they could if you also took a look in win trading). It's easy entering in a state of decadence when your server starts to be populated (not like it was on the start with 1K ppl even less) but its a bit more harder to actually pull up your sleeves in those moments and take things seriously with the pop rise. Pls take this as constructive criticism and not as some sort of raging rant, i wanna see this server get better not stay in this state of stagnation it has been from launch. Ty gl

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