(H) Mount Quest in Un'Goro ... They grow up so fast.

Tueyhunter @ Kirin Tor

26 Dwarf Hunter
Have the hatchling in my inventory as well as all the needed materials.
Completed the 20 daily quests for the shed teeth.
Completed the 20 Rugged Leathers.
Completed the 20 Runecloths.
Completed the 80G; YET Mor'Vak the turn in NPC has not rewarded me properly with my mount. Have l missed something??
Any help would be appreciated; thanks.

Galgnu @ Kirin Tor
1 Orc Shaman
Well first of I did it myself without issues.

Second do You still have the quest? Or is it the reward you are missing? If you still have rhe quest what does the log say? Any items missing?

Plainfeather @ Kirin Tor

First of all, double check all your items are in your bags and not in the bank. If you have them all with you, do not worry, abandon the quest and retake it again right after and you will get the progress and completion as soon as you get the quest again. It seems scary but it works with some quest that you need to gather items for a long time.


Tueyhunter @ Kirin Tor

26 Dwarf Hunter
Thanks for the input everyone. I have all items in bag inventory, and the only thing is the NPC still has a "silver" "?" above his head, but on my map it is "gold" or shows complete but when l right click to turn it in, the option to "Continue" is not available.

Will try abandoning as suggested.

Again, thank you for feedback.


Tueyhunter @ Kirin Tor

26 Dwarf Hunter
It worked (abandoning the quest)!

Thanks for the assistance.

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