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Iavish @ Kirin Tor
1 Blood Elf Paladin
Hello guys ,

how is the server ?
Are there a players ?
Where is the information about the realms , here in the site ? I mean some graphics or something else . To see which faction is more populated.
I am not a new player . I played before (maybe) 4 or 5 years and I am returning.
Do have a dungeons on small levels ? Are there players who are lvling or only 80's ?
Thank you.

Pixiflunsky @ Kirin Tor
1 Undead Rogue
Hello and welcome to the server!

The server has a fairly decent population. You can type "/who 1-80" in-game to see it by yourself (keep in mind, though, this will only display the numbers for the current faction you are playing on).
It is usually around 2k players (1k per faction more or less, the balancing is pretty even nowadays) and it increases during peak hours. I have seen lately a substantial increase in population due to the quarantine period.

Yes there's dungeons in low levels and there is always plenty of players levelling up, especially now with the double experience promotion. If you want your experience rate back to normal x1, make a ticket and they will help you.

Have fun!

Amelyssan @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Warrior
It's always nice to encourage other players; we need all the manpower we can get.
It is not nice, however, to blatantly lie.
We have about 750 players on Horde side on peak hours; Alliance is slightly less populated so I'd wager it's about 1.5k total, and often not even close to that number.
Also, low level zones are as dead as ever, with bots constituting most of the playerbase in Classic level range.
That said, the server is doing quite well and it's worth returning to. Just don't get too excited.

Gerardd @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Mage
Edited by Gerardd on 2020-04-01 05:23:06
been having over 2k these past days amelyssan, alliance has now more ppl and low lvl been really active and lots of new ppl are leveling now. As of now, 04:21 ST 1100 ppl on

Iavish @ Kirin Tor
1 Blood Elf Paladin
cuz i am playing right now other server
and there are too much peoples , i mean you can't do your quests while lvling .
and for that i was looking for another server and i find dalaran-wow (again) .
but here , here the peoples are really low. you are saying that here are around 1k ppl from faction.
i am still thinking about starting play here ....
when i start playing here we was also that amount of players , and that was before some years.
is the server really prospective ??

Intercept @ Kirin Tor
1 Dwarf Warrior
I sincerly not think that the number of online people is the real one, i think there are a lot of bots.. This days, in the morning (server time) there are 450 ali on, but no way to do something, no rbgs, no rhcs, nothing, waiting in queue and waiting.. at evening (server time) is ok.. but at 1000 ali on, you still have to wait in queues 5-10 minutes, if those numbers were real i think you must not wait even 1 minute (at evening server time)..

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