It's been a while so forgive the dumb question

Katris @ Kirin Tor
3 Human Rogue
What else can I do other than quests/grinding/gathering to level faster? In SWTOR you can run these daily solo heroic quests and if you hit every planet, there are probably 50 quests. You get a ton of XP and gear and it's mindless. Running LFG in WoW is similar but as a rogue you have to wait a long time for the queue to pop. I played WoW heavily, vanilla, TBC, WotLK, and Cata so I feel stupid that I can't remember but I always played tanks back then and I would run LFG (once it was introduced) non stop and never had to wait for the queue to pop. Can't do that on a rogue.

Naagloshii @ Kirin Tor

1 Tauren Druid
PvP battlegrounds are the only other notable source of exp, I'm afraid, and those are seldom seen at 80 and much rarer still below that. Your best bet is to make friends with a healer or tank (join a guild maybe) and queue with them.

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