Algalon realm question

Layth @ Kirin Tor

Night Elf Hunter
Any plans on allowing cross-factions raids and dungeons on the Algalon old server too? In hopes the player base might increase a bit or at least the old players would might still be able to enjoy their "main" characters while this new era adventure develops. And not just for the pve scene but also for the bgs and arenas options.

Aireeanna @ Algalon

80 Draenei Shaman
This is certainly a good question. You have acknowledged the small community on Algalon. These are players who call Algalon home, some who have donated.

The Era1 server has had cross faction turned on as a remedy of low population, it would make sense to do the same on Algalon.

I want to also address again that new character creation is turned off for Algalon. I just don't feel this is the right course of action. I feel there are other ways to inform players instead of setting up a 'road closed' sign so to speak.

My hope is there is some remedy for this as well. I had offered a idea in the reddit thread.

Another idea is on the realm selection screen you have KirinTor as "(locked)", then couldn't you put words in parenthesis next to the other 2 realms to make it clear as to their function?

Now responding to quote from reddit: "we have also seen plenty trying to join our new server rolling there by mistake when they were looking to join Era 1" ...

From my vantage point, as someone playing everyday on Algalon and having talked with several players here and there, I don't see very much of players finding out they have been on the wrong server. More so they log in and start asking questions then they either log out sad that Algalon has become what it has become or they go to Era1. It is obvious for many players playing on Algalon of the existence and function of Era1.

So in my opinion, based on being there everyday, the measures taken on Algalon are unwarranted. Besides, if Algalon becomes busy again and Era1 is already busy, isn't that two sources of donations?

Algalon has many players who want to play but it is like two ships passing in the night, players come on at different times and don't see the population numbers because they tend to log right off. If everyone who was interested in only Algalon logged in at once, it would be surprising.

Kurbads @ Kirin Tor

Draenei Death Knight
One day Algalon will rise from the ashes like Phoenix. Would be there when it will happen. Algalon is my home for about 10 years. Our home! We know each other there, even how our voice sounds. Time we putted in Algalon.. There isnt and never be another realm like Algalon.
Long life, ALGALON !

Loliangler @ Kirin Tor

Draenei Paladin
I no longer play on Algalon, but I can empathize with these concerns, so I'd support re-enabling character creation there. Though one thing I'd like to comment on is the suggestion to adjust realm names - I'm a bit worried that changing a realm's name might mess with some configuration/addon settings, which would be a bit inconvenient.

Aireeanna @ Algalon

80 Draenei Shaman
Yes Loliangler, you are correct. I missed that and thank you for catching that. Any change to the server name on the realm selection screen I believe will change the folder under the WTF folder. I had this happen when Era1 came out and my noticed my addons weren't the same (which ones I had on and off as well as their data). It can be easily changed but takes a bit of careful renaming in the WTF folder. Annoying yes, so hopefully there are other ways to inform players of what these realms are all about. I think it would be good to describe each server. i.e. Algalon with all content open and Era1 as progression and describe where it is currently at. I guess that could be looked at with a frown because the general population could be listed. But I believe we need to get past that. There are a ton of private servers out there, add to that other games (console, pc), mobile phone games. Competition is a way of life. Something needs to be advertised and described to attract those who are looking for it. I learned a lot about this recently when I opened a Etsy shop. It is just the way of the world currently. I'm here because I personally don't want what the other private servers offer. I have tried some of them and the community really turned me off. I've always had great times on Algalon and still continue to do so.

Tcat @ Algalon

80 Undead Warlock
This new era thing cause me to stop playing but I check in every so often to see if there are any new updates to fix the split server population problem. I'm a big fan of Algalon and would love to play there again with everyone and all my characters.

Layth @ Kirin Tor

Night Elf Hunter
As much as I'd wish to say my opinion on the whole "new era" realm for the right people in this community to see, I won't now because it is already in the past. The old players kind of adapted and the rest stopped playing for the obvious reasons and it's understandable. I'm not blaming anything nor anyone but there are still things that should be addressed and opinions to be given to the staff so that it feels that players are heard in some matters when it comes to this.
I wanted just to get an answer about what can be done about the Algalon realm. From what i've seen on dalaran's discord there are players daily logging in asking if there's someone on and then leave. And the grind of years for some feels wrong right now. From a ..timing perspective. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'd like to think that more than half of the people who played on Algalon then, now they miss their best in slot characters or maybe just be able to go back to it when possible (pve/pvp speaking). I do think pve scene its the main "attraction" right now and that's why I thought making it cross-faction as it is now on new era might be a good start as a change; and of course any other suggestions from the community should pop up.
one last thing and this is from a friend, like a.. you know.. little request. Make Ulduar a bit less buggy. respectfully

Asda @ Algalon
Human Rogue
Just have discovered this realm, however i cant create chars on Algalon realm, and other realm has only 48 people on ally

Milia @ Kirin Tor
Human Paladin
will Algalon be shutting down?
and if so will the acquired items like heirlooms just go away, as well as any gold accumulated?

Was just playing there and was told those very things, and instead of creating drama I came here to confirm that.
Also was told that any many of the features will be going away as well.

I believe we were told that our characters would be there and we could revisit any time, but what is the use if the content is shuttered?

Layth @ Kirin Tor

Night Elf Hunter
Just wanted to "up" this back up in case that after almost 1k of players seeing this, maaaybe someone will eventually in the next couple of years will give a respond to this. Or not.

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