Hello, new to World of Warcraft

Mabble @ Kirin Tor
1 Draenei Paladin
Hello everyone, new to world of warcraft, wanted to play the original server but there are already a bunch of expansions then I found this private server. Always wanted to play wow, I made a character in Kirin tor just to able to post here. Anyway I hope someone would help me cause I have no idea what im doing.

Afkindalaran @ Kirin Tor
1 Night Elf Druid
Hello! As your first step, delete your kirin tor character and make a new one on the algalon server. 99% of dalaran wow's activity is on algalon.
There is a free lvl 70 boost going on right now, but if you are this new you might want to understand the game mechanics before you dive in deeply to this territory.
When you create your character on algalon, if you choose to play on the horde faction feel free to whisper "Elucidator" ingame and I will do my best to help you with any question you might have.
Have a good one and welcome to the server!

Peppen @ Kirin Tor
7 Gnome Mage
Kirin tor is dead realm, come to algalon. If u roll alliance and have questions whisper Yargen.

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