Need a macro for heal on mouseover

Clytia @ Kirin Tor

1 Blood Elf Priest
Im new to multiboxing so Ill try and give as much info about what im asking for here.

Using ISBoxer with 2 accounts, 2 x Balance Druids.

So Im at a point now where Ive moved my abilities across my 1-5 Keys and F1-F4 keys, Its my simple setup for any character Ive played, 1-5 are my attacking abilities and F1-F4 are my heals or cooldowns if a non healer.

Ive tried to make a macro where (I use Grid as a raidframe btw) When I mouseover a grid square both my druids use rejuvenation or healing touch but I cant get them to do it.

Ive always used /cast [target=mouseover] Spell(Rank X) on solo chars which has never failed me. However when I use the same macro on the same keybinding only the account im in control of casts the spell, the other account does nothing.

Im not sure if I need to do something in ISBoxer or if I need a different macro. But basically what I want is to mouseover the square and BOTH characters cast that spell on that target.

Edzero @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Priest
Did you set up mouse broadcasting in ISBoxer?

And make sure the key bind is being broad cast to both windows.

Also just a side note but I don't use mouse over macros to heal when multi boxing.

There's a limit of eighteen macros per character and you can run out quickly. Instead I use a add-on called clique which is set up to allow click heals on grid frames without needing a macro.

Bumbmbmbmbmb @ Kirin Tor
1 Human Mage
This is why you don't use ISBoxer, use HKN there is no limit to the amount of macros you can use. Little trickier to set up, but worth the time investment to figure it out.. plus it's free.

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